Good article explaining how Japan has dealt with CoVID and how/why our numbers are low.

We were never really put into strict lockdown. However, the government has issued two State of Emergency (SoE) for the Tokyo area. This restricts a few things like restaurant hours and theatre and event capacity. It’s mostly voluntary, but people take it seriously when we are in a SoE.


The world average death per million (DPM) is 234.
Japan sits at 27 DPM.
“Among Japan’s fellow G7 countries, the average for the other six countries, all of which had stringent lockdowns, is 949 DPM.”

Of course, I wish everyone was doing better or that CoVID would just disappear already, but it’s interesting to see the different methods of dealing with the pandemic around the world.

I feel like many expats in Japan are up in arms (they so often are) about how Japan has handled the pandemic, but sometimes you need perspective. And I feel like this article gave me some.

@MissBlow it's really nice to see that some countries handle it all the proper safe way. Here in UK the cases are still rising and worse than last March :(

@MissBlow I think cultural differences/education level are also an elements that are rarely taken into account when trying to implement safeguards. I know in the US it has been a cluster of an F.

@MissBlow we had a so-called ‘smart lockdown’. Not sure what was smart about it. I think it basically meant that there were strong guidelines, but room for essential work to be continued. Unfortunately here people don’t follow rules as well as in Japan (I presume). Churches were exempt from most group restrictions and some refused to take responsibility. Family gatherings continued to happen. And now we’re in our 2nd wave, numbers barely dropping.

@MissBlow My musical company continued rehearsing when it was allowed. We followed social distancing guidelines, sang outside and washed our hands. We’ve had only one suspected covid case (think it was a family member of someone, unlikely to have been spread by us), but everyone who felt even just a little bit sick stayed home. Our music director and director both got covid at the start of 1st lockdown, but luckily rehearsals already stopped. I don’t believe singing is a risk with social dist.

@MissBlow However, we never complained. Many of our members work in healthcare or other sciences. There’s a big group in our country who still go to parties, go see family every weekend, ignore SD or facemasks and go out protesting every week. Schools were open for far too long. Vaccinations and lockdowns started much too late. People keep complaining about the lockdown, yet do too little to actually make the lockdown work. Hopefully vaccinations can bring some change in numbers

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