Anyone playing My Singing Monsters on here?
Wanna try to join my Tribal Island?
My Code is 9929651.
No idea how this works or what it does. Haha. But might be fun to see what comes of this.

I'm such a dumb dumb. I got distracted half way through writing my number down!

OK, my code is: 99296516JC

@MissBlow I'm having trouble finding your friend code. Could you send it to me?
If not, my friend code is 100377694AC.
I've started playing again in the past couple days. It looks like I have access to tribal islands now.

@MissBlow well, I tried to type down what you said on the stream, and it looks like an invite was sent. If you listed the the code anywhere else, then I haven't seen it.

@MissBlow Oh, cool, I just added you! I started playing that game because of your review :D

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