Sup ya'll!
I just created a Show and Trailer Suggestions thread in the TURBO Discord. Feel free to toss suggestions there.
Try to keep them relevant and timely please!

Also, I know so many people are excited about anime, but I can pretty much guarantee Fraser and I will both yell "CANCELLED" and move onto the next trailer. Sorry, we're just kinda dicks sometimes. Haha.

@MissBlow hi Bec, just wondering where the thread is in the Turbo Discourse, went and logged into it & didn't see a S&T thread.

Was it a sub thread under a different title? When you have time let me know or if any other turbos know feel free to post with the link.

Thanks y'all 😉

@MissBlow ah nevermind mind, doh you posted Discord...... not Discourse.

Ah Doooiiii!! Haha all good.

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