Yo! You guys have any fun Christmas movie suggestions? That we HAVEN'T seen yet?
Also, just a note. Fraser HATES the movie Elf and The Grinch... so unless you want to see him shit all over your holiday fav, I wouldn't recommend those.

This is what we've already watched:

Santa’s Summer House
Small Town Santa
Home Alone
The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Muppet Family Christmas
Ernest Saves Christmas
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Home Alone 2
It’s A Wonderful Life!
Full/Fuller House Christmas Specials
A Christmas Story
Jingle All the Way
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Bad Santa
Mean Girls

@MissBlow planes trains and automobiles. Trading places. An Australian film crackers.

@MissBlow I highly recommend A christmas carol goes wrong, by mischief theatre.

I’m curious about the new movie: A Boy Called Christmas on Netflix

Christmas Chronicles was pretty fun. The Holiday. Love Actually. Office Christmas Party. Last Christmas (with emilia clarke) was cheesy fun.

@MissBlow also by Mischief: The Goes Wrong Show Christmas Special.

@MissBlow a Murray Christmas was fun too if I remember correctly

@MissBlow How about "Tokyo Godfathers" your first Japanese Christmas movie perhaps, It's more of a classic anime like Cowboy Bebop style not like the terrible ones that used to be linked on Show and Trailers. The premise is three homeless people find a baby on Christmas Eve and try to find the parents. It also has some New Year's stuff so its like a 2 for 1

@MissBlow Arthur Christmas has become a favorite of mine the past couple years. Its cute and doofy.

@MissBlow If you don’t mind musicals and zombies, Anna and the Apocalypse is very good IMHO. I just watched it the other day.

@MissBlow I recommended Die Hard on stream some time ago, but you guys said you've already seen it. However, according to your APT list you guys have only watched Die Hard 3. Everyone knows the first Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

@MissBlow Since you watched Only Yesterday, may I suggest Tokyo Godfathers?

One of the very rare (possibly only) Christmas anime films, directed by the late, great Satoshi Kon.

@Ethvau @MissBlow We should definitely watch all Satoshi Kon movies on APT, maybe after we're done with Ghibli😉​

@MissBlow "White Christmas" for that old school dance, it's funny and has a great feel good ending. Also, "Just Friends" has become a must watch for our family.

@MissBlow The Night Before is an underrated fav of mine. It’s not just a dumb Seth Rogen comedy. It actually has heart.

"Scrooge" with Albert Finney. It's the best version of A Christmas Carol, he is the most miserly miser and his transformation at the end is very heart warming. The film features a trip to HELL and a great song for 'Christmas Future' that's very quotable.

@MissBlow Brazil (1985) happens to be set during the festive period. Would be...different.

Like some others here I'd recommend Tokyo Godfathers too, and (though I prefer to watch it on Good Friday myself) Monty Python's Life of Brian.

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