We're doing a very special episode of Binding of Isaac: Christmas Time AWESOME! Feel free to send us traumatizing Christmas related childhood stories here or the VGA Discord.

A few notes:
PLEASE keep them as brief as possible.
We might not end up reading them all. We're just gonna go with the flow.
Finally, we are not looking for real trauma, just the kind we can all laugh about (including yourself).

Date: Dec. 23rd (for most of you)

Fraser just said he would like embarrassing or heartfelt stories, no trauma this time of year. Heh.

@MissBlow kinda embarrassing but one year opening presents i opened one of my little sister by mistake, what was inside was doll house furniture. seems that who ever wrapped it wrote my name on the label by mistake

@MissBlow This is a great one that has stuck with me for years!

I was like 6 at my uncles in Calgary and his basement wasn't finished yet.
I was taking a poop and he barged in with a camera as the door couldn't lock yet.

When i got home in Toronto with my family we had a package of a bunch of magnets of ALL sizes of that picture of me on the toilet, we used them for everything on the fridge for years.

I left the last one in my previous home when we moved on the fridge for the next owners.

@MissBlow My dad's name is Rich and one year, when I was around 10, I loudly exclaimed "WHO'S BITCH" after reading the tag on a present. I didn't know the word bitch at the time and was confused and concerned about the look on my mom's face

@MissBlow My great aunt makes everyone gather for white elephant like a week or two before Christmas. When I was like 14 there was a pocket knife that I really liked, so I wanted to steal it from the person who took it last. This was my cousin's bf who wanted him to keep it, she went to my great aunt and changed the rules of the white elephant to limit the amount of steals. I have been bitter to this day and always plan to steal from them whenever they're excited about something

@MissBlow we were having dinner at like pickle barrel or something during hannukah and i went to the washroom but i was in there for too long and the automatic lights went out.

I was like 8 or 9 and didnt know what to do as this was years before cell phones, i was in there for like 15 or so more minutes in pitch black before someone came in and the lights came on.

"bravo six, going Dark" :D

@MissBlow I don't remember a special day of christmas. But every year in Sweden we celebrate christmas by watching Donald Duck cartoon and drinking glögg, which I highly recommend. Happy christmas everyone!

@MissBlow I remember there was a time that I got one of those marshmallow guns. This led to me and my grandpa going back and forth to get marshmallows in each other's mouths. We got to 100 I remember!

@MissBlow We had a Christmas cat named Hanko (named for the show!) he was a big bully of cat. One night he got sprayed by a skunk and my mom heard somewhere that fish oil was a home remedy for the smell. She dabbed it all over his fur and instead of skunk smell all through the house, it was the smell of fish for weeks and weeks and weeks;;

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