This is Big Balls. We've been feeding him for the last couple months, until we can figure out how to trap, neuter and release him, so he won't make any more strays in our neighbourhood. He has big balls and an even bigger appetite.

An outline of what we will watch, might watch and will not watch LIVE during E3.

But of course, always keep an eye on Twitter for potential changes and LIVE announcements.

Here is my SUPER EASY and DELICIOUS recipe for Fudgy BonBons! You'll be the bell of the ball if you make this for a holiday gathering!

It's a bit early for Christmas talk, but here's my recipe for Christmas Smell! Enjoy!

My goodness! When reading this, I couldn’t help but think about how much @StarKitsune would love to go to this event!

@MissBlow Are you KIDDING me right now?! How am I supposed to get anything done?!

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Made some tasty bread during today’s stream!
Dig in buds!

Holy cow! Did anyone else read Clavin and Hobbes? I didn't realize HOW MUCH of them we had! My sister was more into them than I was. But I remember reading these ones fo' sho'.

Calvin and Hobbes (1987)
The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book (1989)
Scientific Progress Goes "Boink" (1991)
Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons (1992)
The Days Are Just Packed (1993)
Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat (1994)

Going LIVE in one hour for the greatest fun time game! You know the one. (Sorry, not DOOM ETERNAL yet, the other one.)


Check a look at the amazing Christmas card and paintings @PSYCH0TICBI0TIC got me for our card exchange.

Thank you so much! You really when above and beyond dude. You got the kitties likeness so well!! We love it!

Check a Look at what our TURBOs created!

Thanks to @iingezo for creating the original squiggle.

And thanks for contributing @SytYoshi @iingezo @Randomgamer666 @TempleFugate @Trancilian @DingleDangleScarecrow and @NerdinaCan!

TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until midnight Friday, October 18th to make THIS something SUPER special.

Thanks to @iingezo for providing the template art!

A long series of Studio Ghibli AWESOME! Piece Theatre! presentations begin this upcoming weekend!
Sat. Aug. 31 - 8:00 PDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 11:00 EDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 16:00 BST
Sun. Sept. 1 - 0:00 JST

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