@Zaziuma Bah! It IS super fun! We may? Not too sure though. Thanks for the heads up that they've added so many levels.

@LaurenB518 Oh exciting! I can't wait to see the finished product.

@MysticKnight Yeah, my nieces were saying the even they found S2 to not be that great. They said just skip it and head to S3. And they are, like, die hard Stranger Things fans.
We don't watch TV in the summer, but when we start back up again, I might actually give it another try! Glad to hear S4 is living up to expectations.

@Zaziuma Honestly, not really. I knew I'd miss onigiri though, and I did.

Yo yo! Show and Trailer 24 hours from this post! I missed ya'll while I was in Canada. Excited to be back.

Our next Show and Trailer will be most people's Sat. May 28th.

I'm headed back to Canada to visit our families from May 9th - 26th. So please keep my lil' ol' Fraser-san company while I'm gone!

@Greggosaur We kiiind of still accept fan mail. This would be the address.

Becky Blow & Fraser Agar
C/O Breaker
Imperial Akasaka 510
8-13-19 Akasaka
Minato, Tokyo

APT: Pokémon
Date: Fri Apr. 29th for most of you
Countdown: bit.ly/APTPokemon10

Get your jelly donuts, snuggle up and watch some Pokémons with us this weekend. We will be starting with "The Case of the K-9 Caper." Indigo League: Episode 52 in English; Episode 52 in Japanese.

See you then buddies!

Guys... I have been playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe again. Why can't they make a new one?! It's SUCH A GOOD GAME!

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