LIVE! with DOOM: Eternal!

(I just got back from class and need to eat. Will most likely join in a bit.)

@Jesslb429 That's a great coping mechanism bud!

I'm thankful for my family, Fraser-san and the kitties, being in a lovely new country, being able to learn, read, play games. So much! And for TURBOs - doi!

@ilikethequiet Haha. I'm sure your island is beautiful in it's own way ;)

@Downes000 Oh man yeah! I used to LOVE making focaccia! Looks amazing :D

We'll be live in about 12 hours with our March Show and Trailer!

@DeviousxKat Friendship requested! You have a strong personal brand going, heh.

@Skelunkafunk Friendship requested! Your Mii totally looks like your picture on here!

@Davo46 Friendship requested! The posture of your Mii made me giggle.

@Dee Friendship requested! Awe! Your lil' dude is so cute!

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