@MrBlow Awe buddy. Keep up the great work! And have some good sleep now.

@ilikethequiet Oh dear! Could be kidney issues. Kitties tend to stop eating when their kidneys get bad. :/

@LaurenB518 I really miss owning a dryer for this purpose alone!

@Monkeycan8 Duuuuuuuuuude. I listen to, and sing extremely loudly, to this song at least once a month! Have ever since it was released! SO DAMN GOOD!

I feel like many expats in Japan are up in arms (they so often are) about how Japan has handled the pandemic, but sometimes you need perspective. And I feel like this article gave me some.

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The world average death per million (DPM) is 234.
Japan sits at 27 DPM.
“Among Japan’s fellow G7 countries, the average for the other six countries, all of which had stringent lockdowns, is 949 DPM.”

Of course, I wish everyone was doing better or that CoVID would just disappear already, but it’s interesting to see the different methods of dealing with the pandemic around the world.

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Good article explaining how Japan has dealt with CoVID and how/why our numbers are low.

We were never really put into strict lockdown. However, the government has issued two State of Emergency (SoE) for the Tokyo area. This restricts a few things like restaurant hours and theatre and event capacity. It’s mostly voluntary, but people take it seriously when we are in a SoE.


Fraser's making a NEW Corpo Egg character and playing on hard mode today!


@Kaptainawesome89 Awe, that's hard dude. Especially since you can't really do much to help eh? Sending healing vibes their way.

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