I'm such a dumb dumb. I got distracted half way through writing my number down!

OK, my code is: 99296516JC

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@MysticKnight Hey MysticKnight. For sponsoring a host it's $150 and for a game it's $500. We don't do sponsored APTs.

Anyone playing My Singing Monsters on here?
Wanna try to join my Tribal Island?
My Code is 9929651.
No idea how this works or what it does. Haha. But might be fun to see what comes of this.

Hey ya'll! We have a Show and Trailer coming up this weekend. See you there!

Countdown: bit.ly/ST202110

@ZeDrBuncle AWE! She looks like she was an absolute sweetheart.

@Zaziuma Awe, I'm glad talking to your dad is going better!

Sept. APT: Alien (1979)
Theatrical Release
1h 56m

Stream: Amazon Prime Video

Stream: Disney+, Crave Starz

Stream: Virgin TV Go

Stream: Disney+, foxtel NOW

Stream: Disney+, Maxdome

Stream: Disney+, viaplay

Rent/Buy: Google Play, AppleTV

Stream: Prime Video, Disney+

Stream: Disney+

RENT/BUY MOST LOCATIONS: Amazon Video, Google Play, Apple TV

@Jesslb429 Heh. I started some little Christmas shopping too. Mostly because I saw a maaaad sale.
Halloween season has definitely started in Tokyo. I went into a store yesterday and it was decked out in Halloween and they were playing Monster Mash!

@Kaptainawesome89 Oh dang dude. I'm sorry to hear this. Hopefully your body will adjust and help your issues quickly. Take care!

We gotsa Show and Trailer this weekend buddies!

Countdown: bit.ly/ST102021 (Saturday, for most of you)

See YOU there!

@Kaptainawesome89 Shut up! Did you make that at work? It looks prooooo! WANT!

@ilikethequiet I never did (I know I'm not American though, heh).

@Flashpoint LOL. Oh my god. I hope no one actually takes my emotional advice!
Seriously proud of you though dude. Pain killers are a slippery slope eh? I can't imagine the willpower it's taken.

@Jesslb429 Ugh. Sometimes I feel like this too. Once in a while I give myself a day to just be in a crappy mood and be selfish.
In the end, I find *I* feel better when I'm being positive. Do it for yourself, not for anyone else.
Or, just give yourself a Selfish Day ;)

@Flashpoint Daaaaamn dude! Those are both pretty incredible things! Congratulations to you both.

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