@DeathByBlunderbuss Dang it! We still haven't seen the first season! We keep meaning to!

@daixcraze That's so good to hear! Invader Zim was a solid show!

@TheCvgun123 I would honestly love to read these again! I'm gonna try to get my hand on some!

@o0rayday0o That's so exciting! Enjoy your trip! Stay SAFE!

@MrBlow Oh I'm so so sorry MrBlow! What a beautiful lil' pup. I sure you gave them the bestest life. *Hugs*

TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until Monday, August 19 to make THIS into an even MORE beautiful drawing.

Thanks to @Sindian for providing the template art!

VGA Art Three - Take TWO!
I derped and missed one of the amazing pieces of art! So here is the REAL compilation!

@LambdaPyro It's all part of the experience man! I remember when my parents were driving me to my dorm that first year of university, we pulled out of the driveway and I put on the song Movin Out by Billy Joel. I tried to be strong, but I was shitting bricks!

@TheMinett Bummer dude! It's all good. Time for some much deserved sleep ;) Thanks for playing.

@LambdaPyro OoooOoooooh! How you feelin' about that bud? What an exciting, nerve-wracking time!

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@daverball OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! PLATINUM GOD?! I bow DOWN to tee Sir Daverball!

@frankensuppie And here is a Puppy Parade. She is very proud of her accomplishments.

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