@DeviousxKat ROCK ON! You'll have an AMAZING time! MAKE SURE you eat at Mi Tierra! I loooooove their chilaquiles with the thick sliced bacon. And their Queso Flameado is freaking to DIE for. But best eaten with a group.

And Schilo's is pretty great for breakfast and their sandwiches. They are closed on Sundays though.

@MrBlow Oh yeah?! What makes you so excited? Just the fact that it's a new season? My bestie is OBSESSED with that show!

APT: January 2020 Showtime and Date
Hey ya buddies!

We will be watching The Witcher (2019) and The Mandalorian (2019) the last weekend in January.

Here is a countdown to the show: bit.ly/APTJanuary2020

See you there buds!

@MysticKnight BOOOO! We bought it. LOVED it! Hope you can find a way.

@TheCvgun123 @FarFromSubtle I would be inclined to recommend ANDA-JIMBOCHO-EKIHIGASHI.

LIVE with Show and Trailer buddies!


@AcidSilver It's a WILD experience watching someone grow up! My oldest nieces are turning 19 and 20 this year :O So hard to believe, but such a wonderful thing to witness.

@Randomgamer666 Hmmm. I can definitely see how that would be stressful. :/

@Zaziuma I honestly still feel like I'm doing something "bad" when I go to buy liquor!

@sonnavafitch Hope the roommate situation works out well duder!

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