@NetNerdy Haha. That's awesome! I gave him a kanji book when he was at our place. Hope he's been using it if he travels here sometime!

@Coolnara TOTALLY! But I also get bummed, because I know my battery is shit on mine, so I'll only be able to play for four hours, then I'll have, like, six hours of charging. :S

LIVE soon with Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered!

TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until midnight Friday, October 18th to make THIS something SUPER special.

Thanks to @iingezo for providing the template art!

@moosbett @FarFromSubtle WOW! This is AWESOME! You were here and didn't TELL us?! Looks like you got up to ALL kinds of things. More than we've done! Haha. Also, you must have a fantastic camera. So many of those shots were just stunning!

@DeathByBlunderbuss Yummy! Can only have a couple pieces of smoked cheeses, but those couple pieces I do thoroughly enjoy! (Then it becomes overwhelming for me.)

Minecraft Survival will return one day. That day is today. Show in a little bit!

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