@Monkeycan8 Awwwe! Your bro is good people! What a pretty kitty!

Hey hey y'all!

Next weekend we'll have our first Show and Trailer of 2022!
Date: Sat. Jan. 22 (for most of you)
Countdown: bit.ly/ST202201

See ya's there.

@Zaziuma This is a link to my GoodReads. It's a list of books I've read in the past and what I ranked them. Might find something in there that you like!


@Zaziuma Oh maaaan. I looooooove reading! I read 21 books in 2021. When I look back on the year, my head was in a book.
Do you have any ideas what kind of genre you're into?
When I'm not sure what to read next, I always go to a Classic Novels list. They're on there for a reason and, more often than not, surprise me with how good they are.

Fraser just said he would like embarrassing or heartfelt stories, no trauma this time of year. Heh.

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@Flashpoint Awe buddy! We've been following Ford's handling of this situation. What a dimwit. I'm so sorry to hear this though. Maybe we can keep you entertained ;)

@MysticKnight We haven't received it yet! I will let you know when we do. Mail is definitely being wonky these days.


We're doing a very special episode of Binding of Isaac: Christmas Time AWESOME! Feel free to send us traumatizing Christmas related childhood stories here or the VGA Discord.

A few notes:
PLEASE keep them as brief as possible.
We might not end up reading them all. We're just gonna go with the flow.
Finally, we are not looking for real trauma, just the kind we can all laugh about (including yourself).

Date: Dec. 23rd (for most of you)

Hey ya'll. We're filming Episode 2 for the PSO2:NGS show tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has any questions they'd like us to ask the SEGA team.
Also, if you happen to be around in 23 hours from now and you're in Ship 4, feel free to pop in and come along for the ride!

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