@countzero @nulani In regular times, pubs here say they are open from 17:00 to 26:00. Or whatever the hours are, but they go beyond the 24 hour clock!

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Put together a Google sheet for Turbo PSN IDs, Switch codes, Steam names, etc for ease of access! Add your pro gamer names if you feel like it docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

@Kaptainawesome89 I've been thinking about you guys. I hope your mom is doing ok.

@Kaptainawesome89 OH MY GOD! It IS Edith Hamilton! That is my fav! Your copy is gorgeous! I had a copy from, like, the 1970s.

@LaurenB518 Duuuuuuder, that's so exciting! Congratulations!

APT: March 2021 Showtime and Date

Hold onto your butts! This upcoming weekend we will be watching Sonic the Hedgehog (2019) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)!

Countdown: bit.ly/APT032021

Check a look at Patreon to see how to access the movies all around the world!

LIVE! in 20 minutes with the ORIGINAL Donkey Kong Country on SNES!

Big thanks to TURBO member Andy for sponsoring the episode!

We will be LIVE with the ORIGINAL Donkey Kong Country on SNES in 22.5 hours from this toot!

Big thanks to TURBO member Andy for sponsoring the episode!

I'll remind ya'll an hour before the show, because it's a totally different time AND daylights savings happens. :O

@Jesslb429 Fraser tries not to tell me the twist to things. He always figures them out 2 seconds into anything.

LIVE with Doom and Destiny Advanced!

Check it out on Switch: bit.ly/37MsZ3V

Sponsored by @Indieboost_io

LIVE here: sticks.turbo.chat/stream

Our Show and Trailer: March 2021 is comin' in hot in just under 24 hours!


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