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Hey PS4 Overwatch Turbos! We will be having our Turbo Pick-Up-Games (PUGS) Tomorrow, Friday (8/30) 7pmEST/4pmPST. @rth1089 will be hosting the lobby and I won't be there for the very beginning, but feel free to ask either of us if you are interested. I'll be joining about an hour later.

A long series of Studio Ghibli AWESOME! Piece Theatre! presentations begin this upcoming weekend!
Sat. Aug. 31 - 8:00 PDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 11:00 EDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 16:00 BST
Sun. Sept. 1 - 0:00 JST

TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until midnight Monday, August 26 to make THIS something SUPER special.

Thanks to @mellisbaker for providing the template art!

Oh man you guys! The questions you've asked for the Japaniversery video are SO FUN! Thanks buds!

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My first big TURBO Buddy project: Mega Man Robot Masters
Mega Man 1-3 (Oh and Bass is there too)

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Any graphic designers in here looking for work? I got a small project I wanna work on that needs a logo if we can spitball some ideas!

TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until Monday, August 19 to make THIS into an even MORE beautiful drawing.

Thanks to @Sindian for providing the template art!

VGA Art Three - Take TWO!
I derped and missed one of the amazing pieces of art! So here is the REAL compilation!

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Today's Frash Snack during the Overwatch Stream.
Cucumber, red pepper and cheddar with a sesame dressing, chikuwa (a fish paste/egg white roll) with cream cheese, and spinach with soy sauce.

Straight up - I was surprised there was no dick pic! It's ok though. I'm very happy with the titty tassels.

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Look at this talent!

Thanks for contributing @awwbree @NerdinaCan @dissy @Sindian @Y2kraykray @MrBlow @mellisbaker @DumplingzOwO!

@Sindian Want to make our next scribble for us to base our art on? I'll promote early next week!

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