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We’re gonna go LIVE with a look at the Final Fantasy remake demo in a little while!

LIVE NOW getting ready to stream Dreams for the official Launch Day Stream!

We are LIVE in 50 MINUTES with the official Dreams Launch stream but you can watch fellow TURBO @Freako right now, who is in the slot before us!

APT: February 2020 Showtime and Date

We will be watching My Neighbor Totoro (1988, Japanese language with English subtitles) on Saturday, February 22.

Here is a countdown to the show:

To Buy: Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, YouTube, Amazon Video, Vudu

To Buy: Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, YouTube

Tons of places!

Chile, Columbia, Guam, Croatia, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

See you there TURBOs and $5+ Patrons!

Still waiting on the update from Media Molecule before we can begin our Dreams stream. Stay tuned!

Guys... check this shit out! I'm in love with this dude and what he makes. Thanks @NetNerdy for introducing me to him!

APT: January 2020 Showtime and Date
Hey ya buddies!

We will be watching The Witcher (2019) and The Mandalorian (2019) the last weekend in January.

Here is a countdown to the show:

See you there buds!

LIVE with Show and Trailer buddies!

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Hey all PS4 Turbo Overwatchers! @rth1089 and I have finally gotten around to making a psn community for the Turbo Pick up Games (PUGS). This way we will now be able to add events on psn that will update everyone in the community on the date and time of the next pugs. If you'd like to join and play with us sometime, just look up "Turbo Pugs" in the community search area! You can also tell me your username on here and I can send you an invite. All turbos are welcome and we'd love to see you there!

I have been using these much needed days off to do something REMARKABLY fun!


We have to do taxes earlier in Japan than in Canada, so I'm trying to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

For the record, I do not actually find bookkeeping fun. It is horrible. But I'm good at it I suppose.

LIVE NOW with Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training!

It's actually translated to English, so just regular ol' brain training today!

LIVE in 30 minutes with Brain Age: Nintendo Switch Training!

It's the Japanese release, so this episode MAY test our translation muscles, as well as it's regular brain training games!

In the spirit of not just posting the positives, it's ok to be sad around the holidays. I missed my fam like crazy this year and had to have a cry a few times. @FarFromSubtle was amazingly supportive. I'm pretty lucky to have that guy. Stay strong buds. Much love!

LIVE NOW with Red Dead Christmas!

TURBOs follow Fraser into his session to posse up!

We’re gonna be doing a Red Dead Online Chistmas update show in probably an hour. Hope we have enough TURBOs around for a big ol’ posse!

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