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The FarFromSubtle Crew make a brief appearance in this mini documentary on the "Decline of Xbox"

at 7:35

LIVE! with Overwatch! Trying out a YouTube stream.

TURBOs can chat via Discord.
Watch via YouTube:

We will be going LIVE in about 40 minutes for the Xbox Games Showcase!

I just learnt a fun phrase I wanted to share with you guys! 

朝 - asa - morning
寝 - ne - sleep
坊 - bou - Buddhist Monk
する - suru - to do
朝寝坊する - asanebousuru 

Buddhist Monks often wake up at 4am. So, if you see a Buddhist Monk sleeping in the morning, he’s overslept. 

So 朝寝坊する - asanebousuru means to oversleep. Neat eh?! 

Just a heads up that the version of The Iron Giant we are watching is 1 hr and 26 minutes. Hopefully that's helpful!

So, weirdest thing. The Countdown Clock refused to accept the word "Giant". So I couldn't use The Iron Giant in the title. It kept changing it to The Iron ***, like I was typing in a swear word. So ODD!

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Hamilton (2020)
Date: Saturday, July 18
Source: Disney Plus

The Iron Giant (1999)
Date: Saturday, July 25

Netflix*: Australia, Germany, Greece, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway
(*Double check availability before show date. I received conflicting information on Netflix availability.)

Stream: HBO Max

USA / Canada / UK / Finland / Netherlands
Rent: Google Play, Apple TV

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