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LIVE! with You Suck at Parking AWESOME! Sponsored by G.ROUND!

We've scheduled our annual Binding of Isaac Childhood Horror Stories show!

We'll let you know how to share your stories on the day. It will most likely be via the forums at

It’s time to solve murders as a kitty.

LIVE! with the adorable indie puzzler Bright Paw by RadicalForge on the Switch!

Make sure you change the source to YouTube, instead of Twitch ;)

OCTOBER APT 2020: The Addams Family (1991)

Date: Saturday, October 24

Netflix: USA, UK, Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Turkey

Stream: Amazon Prime Video
Rent: iTunes, Apple TV, YouTube, Microsoft Store, Google Play, Cineplex, ILLICO

Check Patreon or Discord for where to watch in more locations around the world!

My goodness! When reading this, I couldn’t help but think about how much @StarKitsune would love to go to this event!

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