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So, uhh, any of ya’ll in Canada know of a place to buy a PS5? My sis is looking. She was pretty jelly when she found out we got one. She is pretty on the ball and checks six different sites every day. But figured I’d ask just in case.

APT: November 2020 Showtime and Date

Bad Santa (2003)
Length: 1h 38m
Date: Sat. Nov. 28th

United States
Rent or Buy: Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, FandangoNow, Vudu, Microsoft Store, redbox, AppleTV, AMC Theatres On Demand

Stream: Netflix, Prime VideoRent: Cineplex, Apple TV, Microsoft Store
Buy: Cineplex, Apple TV, Microsoft Store

United Kingdom
Stream: NowTV, SkyGo
Rent: Microsoft Store

*Please double check sources in your region.

Heeeeey! We just got out 1,000th request for TURBO Toot! That's exciting.

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