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Looking for a 2021 Calendar and I found this one. I try to keep cat stuff out of our house, but I feel like this would bring Fraser so much joy each month.

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Hey everyone!

So I've gone ahead and written the beginning of the TURBO Adventure I'm running, you can find it on this thread here ( which is where all the chapters will be posted.

Our character is a thief, and it's up to you all to decide what shenanigans they get up to. Make sure to vote in the poll(s) attached to the below tag to take part!

APT LIVE Soon! Mean Girls (2004)

Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Spain and Turkey

Rent /Buy: Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, Fandango Now, Vudu, Microsoft Store, redbox, Apple TV, AMC on Demand

APT LIVE Soon! Bad Santa (2003)

Rent or Buy: Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, FandangoNow, Vudu, Microsoft Store, redbox, AppleTV, AMC Theatres On Demand

Stream: Netflix, Prime Video
Rent or Buy: Cineplex, Apple TV, Microsoft Store

(Available everywhere on Apple TV)

Just a heads up, we will be watching Bad Santa first, then Mean Girls ;)


Date: Saturday, December 19

This month we will be watching Bad Santa and Mean Girls! Check a look on Patreon or Discord to see where they are available in your country. But, also make sure to double check before the day. Sometime the ol' Internets can be unreliable.

Just in case any of you want to eat the Japanese Ketchup Pasta dish we were talking about during today's show.

I present: Ketchup Spaghetti (Napolitan) ナポリタン

(For the record, Fraser and I have NEVER tried it. Perhaps some day... but it seems so unappetizing.)

Show & Trailer: December 2020 THIS WEEKEND!

Date: Saturday, December 5 (for most of you)


Note that we are starting an hour earlier than our usual S&Ts, since it's gonna be a long one!


Hope you're getting your cards out soon for the TURBO Card Exchange and for friends and family too.

So, uhh, any of ya’ll in Canada know of a place to buy a PS5? My sis is looking. She was pretty jelly when she found out we got one. She is pretty on the ball and checks six different sites every day. But figured I’d ask just in case.

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