Hope everyone has been good during these crazy times. 👁️​

Love the idea @MissBlow
Song I’ve been listening to a lot lately is Shelter by Broken Bells! Been a fan of theirs since I was in high school and I highly recommend checking them out.


I tag @Chris231000!

Checked the mail today and got a lovely surprise! Thank you for the wonderful Xmas card @AnimatedPeanut! Gonna add it to my ledge decoration in my room 😊

Been decorating my room for Halloween and my fave decoration I have is the Jack-o'-lantern Turbo Buddy! Put some LED candles at the bottom to make him glow

Had such a great time at Portland these past few days! Before heading to the airport I had some lunch with my brother at my fave restaurant Lúc Lác, so stuffed

Was in the middle of brushing my teeth and ready to head to bed when I just saw a spider crawl next to me, guess no sleep for me tonight

Disneyland with my bro and his girlfriend! The castle is getting some renovations done but the alignment of the picture and the actual castle is throwing me off


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