Where does the couch end and my shirt begin? The world may never know.

I owe @lore trillions of dollars in gratitude. Truly is a amazing person

Potential new NY license plates... our current one is... ugly to say the least

Artist Turbos, I am looking for a drawing or painting done to memorize my pup. I know so many of you are talented and I’d love to pay to get something done!

To my sweet boy,

For 16 years you’ve been my best friend. You’ve helped me though my darkest moments . You’ve brought a light into my life that will forever shine. I’m sorry for the pain you’ve faced. Thank you for the love you gave me. Rest in paradise my little lion.

Buddies I’m back from vacation! I ate amazing food and drank my weight in Coronas... here’s my petition for a TRUBO group cruise

Okay honest time, I dislike my turbo name and would love to change it. I’m sorry @MissBlow for resenting the blow name but it was never mine in the first place sooooo 😂

@MrBlow yes that’s not a joke, no I’m not being honest

So I’m going on vacation in 3 days and I feel a canker sore coming on... any home remedies to stop it? I don’t want to be in pain my whole trip😭

Big Mouth got renewed for 3 MORE seasons. We did it guys. We did it.

Last season of Orange is the New Black comes out tomorrow. Last few seasons were a miss but hopefully this last season is good?

My friend bought tickets to see Bon Iver for my birthday and I’m so ready imma cry

Fact: I got every girl on the playground with this look.

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