Yes I’m extremely drunk now, yes it’s still my birthday

Yes I’m drunk, yes it’s my birthday

All turbos are expected to stop what they are doing, come to NYC, and get drunk af with me on my birthday in 2 days.

@lore is a goddamn peach and I won’t rest until the whole world knows it.

I want my gravestone to read: “Decent guy who loved Beer, competition reality shows, vinyls and Claire Saffitz. He woke up every day for his family and lived his life by his favorite motto; Doing it for Frash Frash.”

I completely overlooked that my profession involves looking at objects people stick up their butts.

Just finished What We Do in the Shadows season 1. Holy fuck buddies I loved it. Now on to Always Sunny!

I just took a DNA test, turns out i’m 100% not a Blow family member.

Guys! Big Mouth season 3 is out! Watch that shit!

Turbos, if you told your 15 year old self what job you have today how would they react?

Why is it that the inside of my windshield gets SO FUCKING DIRTY like how!

I had high expectations for What We Do In The Shadows and it delivered!

Scream 2 is coming to Netflix.... APT possibility?

Is there gonna be a PlayStation show this afternoon?

@MrBlow also yes that is a wii balance board underneath my tv stand

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