Just call me what I am. A kombucha bitch.

Hi. Clean out your lint traps. Bye. *kiss*

GUYS! I did it! I got accepted into the next part of medical school. I. Am. BEYOND. Myself. It feels amazing to say. I’m so happy.

What we do in the Shadows is renewed for a season 3!

I spent my morning talking to Sandra Diaz Twine 2X winner of Survivor! So cool!

So today I found out I’m gonna be an uncle! I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m so excited and optimistic about what the future holds. I’m so happy. Cheers buds.

I’m just gonna leave this here. You guys do what you want with it. This is my cousins dog. Beware. .....

Songs I’ve been listening to:

RAC~ This song

Glass Animals~ Your Love

Sam Fender~ Will we talk?

Thanks @Chris231000 for nominating me!

I’m gonna break the rules and nominate @lore and @dissy

How did I just discover the band Glass Animals??? Holy fuck.

Dudes! Who would’ve guessed a sour ale would be so delicious 😋

I’m forever infatuated with Japanese grocery stores.... why? I have no idea 😂

DUDES! I’m gonna wear this until I get yelled at to take it off! I’m ecstatic to be apart of such an amazing and loving community. The time and energy they pour into this community is outstanding. There’s no one out there that does it quite like them. I will support you two for however long you want this amazing ride to last. ❤️❤️ Thanks Frash and Beck y’all are two cool Canadians 😀

@MissBlow can you pls explain to the class how exactly you eat popcorn and why? 😂

This might be a weird Toot, BUT I DONT GIVE A DAMN....:

I love cottage cheese

TURBOS! Toot out a song that best describes your personality with no explanation! It’s then up to the community to listen then list personality traits of said Turbo! I’ll go first:

Hippo Campus: Bambi


The first 2 episodes of ‘What we do in the Shadows” season 2 is out on FX and Hulu RIGHT NOW.

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