Hope for all the most amazing blessings to all you turbos in 2021

Guys in an uncle! My sister had her beautiful baby last night. My heart is so full with love for this little girl. She’s my goddaughter and she’s perfect so excuse me while I cry for the next 18 years. Lol

I finished Cyberpunk in about 55 hours... I can rest now lol

I just discovered “your moms house” podcast holy shit I’m in love 🤣

I spotted my card in the pic you tweeted out @MissBlow I hope you enjoyed it :)

Merry Christmas to my favorite internet peeps! Y’all are special humans who I wish nothing but the best in the new year.

Claire Saffitz has NOTHING on Becky Blow

All I’m saying is we got 30 more toots until........ toot 1,000

Is Victoria’s Secret just how awkward guys are in her store?

Is it bad I want the bugsnaxs to eat ME?!?!?!?

@MissBlow card says it will get to good ol Japan on the 22nd! Better late then never lol. Look out for it!

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