Anyone else see the trailer for the new Matrix movie? Damn, I'm actually looking forward to it (1st time in a long time I've been excited for a movie), hope it's not disappointing. It's been a long time, like 18 years almost.

Love that song in the trailer also.
I imagine it'll be in the next S&T.

@FarFromSubtle Been watching/catching up on a lot of APT's and I noticed at least 2 (Troll 2 & The Wizard) that say this when I click on them. Just thought I'd let you know.

Lol, "may or may not have attacked", I take that as though you made it a point to, like a vendetta. Either way, still kinda funny. Though now you put the thought in my head of a spider crawling back out and jumping on someone's face (I have an over-reactive imagination).

Do you use any Raid spray or anything? Been seeing some ants here and there, so a few days ago I just sprayed in all the nooks in my apartment. Then sprayed a ton all along the sliding door in/out, & the cement wall, lol.

Cris Tales is out now, available on all platforms, but free on Xbox X w/ Gamepass. Very pretty game, w/ time altering elements to it (which always wins me over.

Just a heads up for people trying to get a PS5, there "may" be restocks this week, from the 5th-11th. Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, & Antonline.

Here's the link from @PS5StockNews, from Twitter
(I also follow @mattswider, highly recommend him, I was able to snatch an Xbox X because of him), gives more detail.

Microsoft at E3 really won me over, I'm seriously considering getting maybe the Xbox S (which you can find at some places online, unlike the X).
It doesn't do native 4K like the "X" but it "upscales". That and fully digital & smaller SSD is the only major differences.

They showed 30 games and 27 of them would be available day 1, boom, w/ Game Pass. Not to mention what's already on there.

I f'in hate white though, wish it was in black.

They're coming out with FF7 Remake Jessie, Cloud & Jessie on bike, and Red XIII 12 inch figures (obviously Red is shorter), if anyone is interested.

Usually the moment I see it I check Amazon Japan (usually cheaper from there), oddly, more expensive, not sure why.

There's tons of Indies on sale until the 19th on the PS store. I stumbled upon one called "Shady Part of Me", came out Dec 2020, looks nifty, I suggest giving it a glance. Another one I never played came out in 2017, "Night in the Woods" (did they play it on the show, seems familiar)

Holy craparoo! Anyone else know about this? There is a Dragon Quest Island attraction on the Nijigen no Mori amusement park in Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture, opened on May 15, 2021.

I'm a huge fan of DQ, man, would love to go to it. There's a video, from 2 people, halfway down this page.

Was looking for memorabilia (posters/mug) for Disco Elysium because I'm a sucker when I really like something. Turns out there's tons of stuff, including the swing-set scene!

E3 schedule, June 12th-15th. Sony has been having their own "State of Play" thing separate from E3 past 2 years or so (at least last year, I think).

So, thought I was already contributing to VGA patreon, but I'm not. Maybe I was but then had to drop it for some reason, don't remember. Anyway, signed (back?) on for $5 a month. I'd also like to sponsor some stuff eventually (especially like to see you guys watch more Star Trek Next Gen).

Did Frash ever try to upload the last Show & Trailer (which was flagged bigtime) to google drive or something? I looked and don't see it, unless I'm missing something.

There may be may be a massive PS5 / Xbox restock tomorrow (may 20th), according to the twitter sites I follow. Anyone try to get one still, keep an eye out. I'm still trying myself.

@LaurenB518 Happy Birthday! Hope you had/are having a decent day!

Someone let IIikethequiet know:

"The Australian Classification Review Board has reversed the ban on Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, after developer ZA/UM formally challenged the decision."

To people playing Disco Elysium (already let Frash/Becky) know:

I strongly suggest you copy save data of Disco Elysium to either the cloud (manually) and/or a thumb drive setup for PS4 saves.

I actually had the game crash while manually saving, it became corrupted and it wipes it automatically (no matter how many saves you have, it stores as 1 file).

Luckily I only lost 2 hrs., I always copy progress to the cloud/USB after I play for a bit. I downloaded the save from my USB to storage.

So, never had this happen before.. Bought a bag of Starburst, should have 4 flavors, Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Fruit Punch.

After opining the bag, I see very little Fruit punch (darker red wrapper), dump the bag out to literally find "one". Shown in the very front of the pic. So like, what the hell?! Pfft, Cherry is my fav anyway.

I'm guessing I've been playing & watching a lot of Disco Elysium. So, I was @ the Dentist today, to get 3 small fillings done, boy was it brutal. At some point I see in my minds eye and hear the narrator of the voice in the game.

Various ones like "Volition: Stop looking at the tools", or, " almost done, don't think about it". There was also Conceptualization and Drama, but I forget. It was in his voice though, lol.

Am I weird? Wait, don't answer that.. (I already know I am)

You know, I was just thinking, I had a head sinus cold last week (and week before a bit), which I just started to get over by this past Fri-Sat. I wonder how that affects (or if it even would) symptoms from 2nd vaccine shot.
If your immune system was already in gear, so then maybe it would reduce the symptoms from the shot. Ah, I'm rambling.

I am a analytical thinker, always thinking. 🤓​

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