@MissBlow I know you and Frash lost interest (I think) in Stranger Things, but I really, really recommend giving the 4th season a chance. It's my fav since S1, it has more of a horror tone.

I had the same feeling w/ this season that I had w/ the 1st, the urge to binge watch all of them but resisting to savor like a fine wine. Not to mention there's some good songs in this season

Note: Part 1 of S4 is out, but there's a part/volume 2 coming out July 1st. It'll be 2 episodes, 1 really long.

I recommend Stranger Things season 4 (part 1 of 2), I'm really liking it. I have that same kind of urge to just watch them all like I did w/ the 1st season.

With season 1 I watched 1 ep. here and there, savoring like a fine wine. I have that same feeling w/ this season, not so much last season.

So, give it a chance if you haven't already.

Anyone try Ghostwire: Tokyo (PS5)? I gave in because it's 50% off (along w/ a lot of other deals until June 9th).

Trek to Yomi is out today, I played a bit, it's good. It's also free on Gamepass.

I've recommended these people before, they've done stuff like Epic NPC Man & other funny stuff. Now they have a new one called "Witcher Logic", lol. They're short, like 2-5 minutes. Here's one of them.

Wow, did anyone else know this was coming? Rogue Legacy 2 comes out today. Xbox X/S, Xbox One, and PC. ign.com/articles/rogue-legacy-

For anyone playing Fallout 76, they finally brought back the power armor displays! I've really been wanting these. What sucks is you can only have 5 mannequins OR 5 Power Armor displays. Why can't we have 5 of each? Bah humbug..

So, testing out the disc drive and Rest mode, make sure everything is fine.

So, I'll have the digital version (only a few weeks old) if anyone wants it, retail $423 w/ tax, but maybe just $400 because of shipping costs. Have original box and everything (I keep boxes for a long time).

Also have an Xbox X brand new, not opened, even though I already have one. Trying to help out fellow people get systems that's all. It's $523.93 w/ tax but again, maybe $500 because of shipping.

-Message me-

So, I picked up my PS5 Disc version today from Best Buy.

I ended up getting a Western Digital HDD to move stuff from the PS5 Digital to Disc version. I wasn't sure other methods would work.
I tried hooking up both PS5's via Ethernet and that didn't work, it needs to be a PS4.

I have no other need for that HDD, I'd rather get the extended storage for inside.
So, if you find yourself in this same situation, buy the WD good for Playstation, transfer stuff, then return the HDD. 😉

@Iankid @Greggosaur @RadLaddy @FistOfFiori @Flashpoint @Kaptainawesome89 @MrBlow @gamingkid1998 @nulani @LaurenB518 @Downes000 @Coolnara @dissy @StarKitsune

So, I know some of you and some I don't.

Looking for someone who wants a PS5 digital or Xbox X, for normal retail price of course.

I managed to get my hands on a PS5 digital a few weeks ago, then was able to the Disc version recently, what I wanted originally.

I already have an Xbox X, got it only to give to someone (hard to get)

Don't forget, Weird West is out today, and it's included with Gamepass.

Mind if I do a poll, been curious a bit. Who wants 1 of these yet, and which one, or both? Also, maybe say why you want a particular one.

I highly recommend "Ruined king: a league of legend", I was loving it within minutes. If you've played Battle Chasers, the combat is very similar.

I just watched the Playstation State of Play on the Hogwarts Legacy coming this holiday I think. Wow, I'm really interested in it, and I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter. I mean, I've seen all the movies and I liked them but that's it.

If you haven't checked it out yet, I very much recommend.

Oh, I also have a code for PS Plus for 1 year, which is usually $60, I'd give it away for around $45-50.

So I did get my hands on a Digital PS5 (would of preferred disc but oh well), it was a bundle though.

There's a red controller and some charging station (sealed) that I'd like to sell to someone for a little less as an incentive, just to get some of that money back. I thought I'd ask here first.

The controllers go for around $75, so I was thinking maybe $60? The PS Power A charging station is around $25 so maybe $18? If anyone is interested let me know. Can figure out shipping after.

I think I may of finally got a PS5, from Gamestop. I was notified from Twitter (I follow 2 sites that let you know ahead of time). It's a bundle though, so I'll probably try ro sell the charging station and 2nd controller.

I wanted a disc version but have to take what you can get.

Do you have the digital or disc version Vanquish?

@Vanquish123 Forgot to mention something you may not know, you can use your Atoms to advance rank on the scoreboard. It costs 150 each time & it ranks you up back around to however close you were to the next rank exactly (instead of just finishing the bar).

@Vanquish123 Sorry if you already knew that stuff (ran out of space).

What are the legendary Perks you've decided on?

@Vanquish123 Have you gotten any legendary scrip yet, & have you found where to spend it? You probably have, was just wondering. Also, all those railroad stations have a machine to sell legendary stuff you don't want.

All NPC vendors have 1400 caps, and resets about 20 hours after. What I usually do is collect as much as I can, increase my CHR w/ gear, meds, etc, then sell everything. Then repeat in 20 hrs.

If you're using Power Armor a lot I highly recommend "Power User" in INT.

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