fellow turbos, what would the figurehead on the front of your pirate ship be? Mine would probably be a narwhal

is anyone else getting ads discussing that music video that's been made exclusively in Dreams?

Here's a question for anyone who has ever baked before

I was just eating a piece of chocolate and as I was throwing away the wrapper the entire piece of chocolate fell out of my mouth into the trashcan😢​

Well I decided to convert my twitter to a drag account, but I now have a separate twitter for Turbo things, it's @NerdinaCan if anyone's interested in following a fellow Turbo, and I'll probably follow you right back

I've thought about changing my Twitter and Instagram into drag accounts, my turbo toot and chat name would be the same, just my Twitter and Insta would be different, what do you guys think, should I do that or should I just start from scratch on new accounts an go back and forth?

Hey everyone, if you enjoy people who cook online, I found this funny video from Binging with Babish that I think we can all appreciate


Does anyone else sometimes accidentally close out of tabs that they just opened and wanted to look at

Does anyone else remember that there were so many Ice Age films, that they basically ran out of the ice age and somehow the characters still survived?

So where are you guys spending your time?

These are my GOTYs from this decade:

2010: Super Mario Galaxy 2
2011: Batman: Arkham City
2012: The Walking Dead
2013: Bioshock: Infinite
2014: Wolf Among Us
2015: Broken Age
2016: Bioshock: The Collection
2017: Injustice 2
2018: Smash Ultimate
2019: Mario Maker 2

So I was shopping today, and as I turned the corner I saw this, and it scared me so much

can we post multiple stories to the different forums?

Fellow Turbos what are your top 3 favorite movies?
mine are:
1. The Wizard of Oz
2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
3. La Vie En Rose

I just got back from my family vacation, while we were there we ate at a restaurant and their mascot made me laugh

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