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"It gets worse, before it gets better"

Evening work has finally reduced hours after last week being Virus-Free in my home home province, then escalated to 16, most of the staff no longer able to work, while bleach-cleaning any & all possible surfaces, no long being able to do merchandising, etc.
Still, can not self-isolating until told to.

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The W101 stream is where? I’ll watch it in April

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Pokemon day is today.

So when is Zelda day?

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@NetNerdy "I'lll do it later" *watches YouTube video's for half the day, then goes for a long nap*

Me: I have a lot of unfinished projects I should complete. 🤔
My 🧠 :

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its 3am i cant stay asleep or awake
and im typing with a screwdriver

dont think i like it

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How is it on my day off the day goes at the speed of light but when I am at work it goes at the speed of poop?

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