Are there any San Antonio Tx, Turbos? I just moved here and could use some buds!

@Nucleargamer1 i know @Chris231000 is and if u r willing to drive an hour there is a whole 2 of us in Austin!!!

@lore @Chris231000 HELL YEAH! That would be genuinely great! I’d love to plan a meet up/hang out!

@lore @Nucleargamer1 I need to start checking this more often I feel bad I missed a opportunity to see my peeps 😭

@Chris231000 I’ll try to keep you in the loop for meeting up in Austin, but if you wanna meet beforehand and wanna talk you can message me here or on Twitter for a faster response! @ hudson_ingram

@Nucleargamer1 Oh that's SO exciting! Eat at Mi Tierra's for me at least once every few months ok? Please order the Queso Flameado (if you're sharing with someone) and the Chilaquiles with thick, smokey, crispy bacon. Ooooh fuuuuu... pleeease do this for me!

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