I’m going deeper down the rabbit hole of obsession. Started work back on my Virtual Peep Show Flat and begun to modify the outside area to match how it actually looks. Using Google Maps of the actual location and this 2 second clip from an episode for reference!

So... I went to see Cats. There were about 16 people in the cinema and 4 of them left half way through. Haha.

Anybody remember this shitty little thing? In the 90s this was considered “mobile gaming”.

Rise of The Skywalker Spoilers(?) 

Perks of being home for Christmas: Here is a roughly 15 year old folder of ideas for my RPG Maker trilogy epic “Last Reality”. Yes, the name is literally me taking the name “Final Fantasy” and altering each word. And it’s all awful.

Am I the only one who can’t help but fall asleep when I’m getting a haircut?

On the conceptual Star Trek game I made - I’ve been thinking of something in the vein of a Trek spin-off. I’d like to make a serious, deep sci-fi story but I also want to make a stupid, Lego-style humour spoof. Which got me thinking how great a Star Trek with Leslie Nielsen playing a captain ala Naked Gun would be.

I am planning on doing abridged highlights for The Wolf Among Us playthrough and using the opportunity to try and practice some more advanced video effects!

Bought some vinegar to cook with and ended up almost taking a swig out of it when I was thirsty. Water bottle for comparison.

Possible Mandolorian spoilers 

Possible Mandolorian spoilers 

Here's an exclusive sneak peak for you turbos at a Mass Effect fan project I'm working on.

This is the final result of my conceptual Star Trek Next Generation game that will never be realised. It was certainly a good learning experience making it though.


If there was a possibly that any of my Mass Effect stuff could ever get to the level of being seen by BioWare employees, I might have to sell out and cut that part out of the video.

I’m working on some Mass Effect projects that I’m really exited about and can’t wait to show off. But I’m thinking about if my PalletTownGraduate channel is the best place to upload it when I look back on videos like this... 😬

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