I'm glad I switched to the PC from the PS4, too. And that I managed to get some nice cripsy ultra shots in photo mode.

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I had my reservations about Cyberpunk 2077, I was annoyed at the performance on my PS4, underwhelmed and disappointed by the game in other ways, but if the mark of a good game is feeling depressed and emotional when you’ve finished the story, Cyberpunk definitely passes that test.

I’m in the midnight PS5 scramble before launch day. No stock anywhere. Apparently there might be stock available at 4am, 8am and 12 noon for Amazon. And all of the £600-£1100 “other seller” listings on there have all sold too. Insanity!

I have reached episode 5 in the Picard series and it’s hard to watch because I’m just not liking it. I plan on forcing myself to watch until the very end of the first season, that’s how much I love Picard/Patrick Stewart.

Unfollowing Ricky Gervais was definitely one of the hardest ones to do. Been a fan of his since I was a teenager, but I just find him so insufferable now a days.

So playing RDR2. Shotgunned a group of people. Realised dog was in the crowd. Relieved I missed him. But then he starts running around yelling and crying like nothing I’ve heard before. I must’ve injured him. He was moving okay so I praised him 100 times and then left the area where he recovered and went onto have a very happy life. That’s a fact.

Fuckin stupid game.

I tired to make a realistic looking Lee from The Walking Dead. I don’t know how to make hair in this new program I’m using though, so he’ll have to remain bald for now.

TLOU 2 Ending 

I often think that when movies, shows and games reach a certain level of notoriety they become their own worst enemies. It’s such a shame that such an awful campaign has been launched against this game, when you consider how many other franchises simply churn out the same stuff, micro transactions, buggy games, etc. I never thought it would surpass the first game, but the tone is just so different that I can’t even really compare it.

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TLOU 2 Ending 

Well I’ve finally seen the ending of The Last of Us 2. The middle of game did kind of sag and seemed a bit laborious with the time jumps. But what I do like is that the game really does take a risk and gamble with it’s story and I don’t think almost anybody else could have made this work as well as Naughty Dog could have. And the amazing voice acting, of course.

Got my first YouTube payment the other day. 13 years, dosens of accounts and hundreds of videos later.

I haven’t seen any leaks, but from what I’ve seen online people are angry about; Joel, Ellie being a lesbian and the new character having muscles. If the rest of the game is bad, then it’s bad. But seeing people say the game is total trash and the characters/story are atrocious not even 1 chapter in really just makes me think they’ve been gorging on the anti-TLOU videos for the past few months.

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Seeing so many comments on videos about The Last Of Us 2 from people who are clearly aware of the leaks and have been whipped-up into frenzy over it and waging campaigns against the game and playthroughs of it.

Been playing Civilization VI that I got for free on the Epic Store. I like that when units with horses and dogs are killed the animals don't die they run away.

The Last of Us 2 shit show really highlights how awful and toxic people can be.

Realising I could do a Phoenix Wright playthrough in costume... now l just need some hair gel.

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