The recent YouTube streams seem unavailable to watch. Am I missing something?

I just learned there's a pro Counter Strike player by the name of Broky.

Thank you @spikerman87 for the show. I'm a huge retro game fan and waking up to this has made my day.

Now that the old VGA site is down, many entries in the list of episodes from the wiki ( won't work. I'm too busy to fix it so you can't blame me.

@FarFromSubtle Before the move, Fraser talked about a type of memorization technique to help with learning a language. How fitting to forget the name of it. The concept was reminders at set intervals increase the chance of retaining the info. What was the name of that technique? Wasn't there an app he used to deliver the reminders as well?

Bloodstained is pretty darn good if you're into that sort of thing. The story and graphics aren't mind blowing but the game play, I can't stop until I'm an overpowered mess of lasers and slashy thingies.

The Secret of Mana collection and Seiken Densetsu 3 remake is a dream come true. 😭 I missed the live show, but the next day during a work break I got on my phone and my jaw dropped.


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