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Pig Detective 1 has been remastered and is now up on Dreams - nicer looking and with voice acting!

My new rogue deck in Hearthstone that's all about shadowstepping zephrys over and over is the funnest shit

Also Headcrack combo + Archmage Vargoth = many headcracks :>

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Hey buddies! I’ve just uploaded a collection of 8-Bit musicy things I’ve been working on in Dreams! twitter.com/18bit_music/status

Hey @FarFromSubtle , I did get a free arena run since my run expired when the new set came out (and broke even with the rewards too)

I just drew a game in Hearthstone by forgetting that "your healing deals damage instead" counts for lifesteal and dealing lethal with a lifesteal minion, simultaneously killing them and healing myself to death. This is great.

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If any of you guys are interested, New episode of my podcast Talk Me Into where my friend/cousin tries to talk us into Big Little Lies, it's a pretty good one. Check it out wherever you find podcasts!

Played Arena for the first time in a very long time last night and went 6 wins, Fraser streaming Hearthstone again must be lucky

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So they updated Autosurf in Dreams so that 'instructions or title scenes' lead on to their gameplay scenes but the way that you do it is both up to the individual creators to enable and also seems really convoluted.

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I also know, the shitty remakes are sometimes quite funny (look at the Real Sonic and Fraser's reaction). But I still think, these remakes are redundant, unnecessary and annoying most of the times.

What do you guys think?

@RadLaddy Continuation of our little chat on Twitter.


PS if you made something in Dreams poke me or FistOfFiori so we can add it to the collection!

The Dreams Turbo Collection is coming along well. It now includes a section for things that Fraser has yet to see (just a selection that will be cycled out as things are featured) as well as a section for things that have been on show, but have new content.

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Look at this talent!

Thanks for contributing @2Heinz @CUPCAT @dissy @Kazuki @NerdinaCan @RadLaddy @Superick @AnimatedPeanut!

Want to make the next scribble for us to base our art on @NerdinaCan? Send it to me if you want and I can promote it!

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Last call for ! I'll give yas a few more hours, then I'll compile them into one amazing document full of !

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how do I legally change my fursona send toot

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