Put together a Google sheet for Turbo PSN IDs, Switch codes, Steam names, etc for ease of access! Add your pro gamer names if you feel like it docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d


I don't know how you managed that 😬​



Been pretty busy the past few weeks so sorry this took longer than expected to continue guys! Updates will be more frequent from now on, and I'm also lowering the poll time to 3 days.




Hey everyone!

So I've gone ahead and written the beginning of the TURBO Adventure I'm running, you can find it on this thread here (discourse.turbo.chat/t/turbo-a) which is where all the chapters will be posted.

Our character is a thief, and it's up to you all to decide what shenanigans they get up to. Make sure to vote in the poll(s) attached to the below tag to take part!

Well it was a 3 way tie between ‘Yes!’, ‘Definitely’, and ‘Maybe’ so I’m gonna start working on the community choose your own adventure thingy! I’m not sure whether it would be better to do polls on the toot or on straw poll but I’ll keep them on the toot for now. Story posts will be on the Discourse forums.

Now to begin...

I will need suggestions for the name of the character, if you have any please reply to this post, and feel free to add a short description. (Also poll to decide the class)

Thinking of starting a TURBO Choose your own adventure RPG over on the Discourse forums, with polls determining what happens next/what our beloved DnDuck does. Would include dice rolls to add some excitement as well as voting for what our name and class (Fighter, Spellcaster, etc.) will be.

Is that something people would be interested in?

Anybody got tips on setting up an IRC for the new turbo chat, if possible? Mine stopped working and I haven't bothered to get it set up again

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Pig Detective 1 has been remastered and is now up on Dreams - nicer looking and with voice acting!

My new rogue deck in Hearthstone that's all about shadowstepping zephrys over and over is the funnest shit

Also Headcrack combo + Archmage Vargoth = many headcracks :>

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Hey buddies! I’ve just uploaded a collection of 8-Bit musicy things I’ve been working on in Dreams! twitter.com/18bit_music/status

Hey @FarFromSubtle , I did get a free arena run since my run expired when the new set came out (and broke even with the rewards too)

I just drew a game in Hearthstone by forgetting that "your healing deals damage instead" counts for lifesteal and dealing lethal with a lifesteal minion, simultaneously killing them and healing myself to death. This is great.

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If any of you guys are interested, New episode of my podcast Talk Me Into where my friend/cousin tries to talk us into Big Little Lies, it's a pretty good one. Check it out wherever you find podcasts!

Played Arena for the first time in a very long time last night and went 6 wins, Fraser streaming Hearthstone again must be lucky

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So they updated Autosurf in Dreams so that 'instructions or title scenes' lead on to their gameplay scenes but the way that you do it is both up to the individual creators to enable and also seems really convoluted.

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