I’ve had a stressful few weeks so decided to treat myself with this. It’s a collection of 28 short stories set around the world kind of like The Animatrix

I like to use the PS4 controller on the PS3 because it doesn’t ache my hands as much. I decided while waiting for a game on the PS4 to download to play the original God Of War (which has aged very well). I didn’t realise that it was still synced to the PS4 so I was able to control both consoles and somehow was able to go into Notifications and deleted the download 😭 that’s 2 hours wasted

Decided as they were on sale and I’m having a pretty good time with Origins to buy the majority of Assassin’s Creed games. Some I’ve played before and others for the first time. I need some comfort gaming at the moment so thought these would be fun.

Now that I’m done with FF7 I wanted something else to play while I wait for the Last Of Us 2 and Ghosts Of Tsushima. I ended up buying AC Origins on a PSN sale after talking to some of you a few days ago and I like it quite a bit! Bayak’s voice actor is really cool and I’m interested in the story. I also bought Odyssey on the Xbox because there’s a sale on there too. I’ve been enjoying listening to podcasts while doing the side content.

Woah! I loved the FF7 remake so much. Can I go into a coma until part 2 is out?

I’m near the end of FF7 remake and I’m not looking forward to it being over :( I’ve got some issues with the game but it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile.

Wow! I’ve gone 5 days without Twitter now. I do still miss it but having to constantly dodge Last Of Us spoilers has been nice too. It’s been nice not having to look at Covid news all the time as well. I follow some people who I like a lot but they like to retweet the conspiracy theorists and I just can’t deal with that type of thing at the moment

For the last few months whenever I played a game on my PS4 if a character was talking behind me it would be completely muted unless I turned the camera around and faced them so I kept changing the audio setting on the PS4 with nothing working. Turns out when my TV updated it changed the dual sound settings so I just changed it back to stereo and it’s working again! I feel a little dumb with how easy it was to fix and how long it took

While I wait for Cyberpunk I decided to read Neuromancer/The Sprawl Trilogy by William Gibson. It took 50-60 pages to get properly started but once everything clicked I’m liking it a lot. I also own Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep which Blade Runner is based on, ill try to read that after reading these.

I’m listening to Game Informers podcast and they were talking about the new AC. I didn’t even say I was going to buy it 🤷‍♂️ just thought that the Viking setting is going to be cool looking

I started the show Inside No 9 on Netflix today and like it a lot so far. It’s an anthology series made by one of the creators of League Of Gentleman which is one of my favourite dark comedy’s. I don’t know why it took me so long to start watching but I’m glad I did!

Any Cormac McCarthy fans in here? The Road is my favourite book, I loved Child Of God until the last 10 pages which were a little disappointing, and in the last few months I’ve read All The Pretty Horses and The Crossing which is part of The Border Trilogy, going to start Cities Of The Plain tomorrow which is the last one. He uses barley any punctuation but his style works really well and he can describe a landscape like a piece of art. Stephen King is my favourite author but Cormac is close 2nd

Twitter is deleted. It’s going to be very weird not getting any kind of news and I’ll feel like going through withdrawals but it’s for the greater good. Not only for LOU2 but I think I need a break from a lot of the internet. I’ll use it again in 10-11 weeks when I finish the game for myself.

I think I’m going to delete Twitter until Last Of Us 2 is out. Too many people are spoiling it to “help” those who are deciding if they should buy it or not, not liking the themes of the game, and those that didn’t like the first game trolling. The first game probably is my favourite and I want to enjoy this one without knowing every single thing (which I feel like I do) hopefully in these 8 weeks I’ll forget. Doubt it though

Once I’m done with Final Fantasy I’m going play all of the Resident Evil games other than 2 and 3. I’ve played a bit of the original on my cousins PS1 but never finished it and my friend had 4 on the Wii which I never finished either. I had a great time with the remakes of 2 and 3 so wanted to try the others. RE4-6 were on sale here in the UK too so it wasn’t too much.

I decided to get back into comics by reading The Immortal Hulk and it’s pretty interesting so far after the first 2 issues. It’s a bit like the Bill Bixby show where he’s going town to town but it’s a horror too.

Anyone reading? I’ve been reading The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy, he’s one of my favourite authors! I’m loving it so far even though the pacing at times can be a little too slow. I’m also reading The Dead Zone by Stephen King which is really good too but wanted to pause while I finishing The Crossing which I hope will be by next week.

I’m about halfway though chapter 6 of FF7 and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a game for awhile. I love the combat, the updated music, and the voice acting is cheesy but in a good way. I’m trying to savour it by playing it slowly but I have nearly seen a few spoilers.

Duneee news!!! Other than The Batman and Tenet this is the movie I’m most excited for. I’ve got a soft spot because of Lynch directing for the original even though it’s not that good. After reading the book a few years ago and it becoming one of my favourites I’m all in on a more faithful adaptation. The director is the perfect person for the job too, I love all of his movies. vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/

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