I’ve played the first hour of Fallen Order and it seems fun so far. It’s like Uncharted (especially with something at the beginning) and Dark Souls/Metroid. I’m looking forward to giving it a proper go later today.

I want the new Star Wars game to be good so bad but the review embargo isn’t available until early Saturday in the UK. I like Respawn but not EA. The E3 demo wasn’t great but I love all the previews I’ve read and the gameplay from the last couple of months have been solid. I just want some good Star Wars content because the movie isn’t out till Christmas and Disney+ isn’t out until March here

I found out today that I’ve got some heart issues after having an MRI a month ago so I’m going to have an operation done early next year. The news sucks but it might explain why I’ve felt so tired lately and if an operation will fix that then that’s a good thing.

Finished Outer Worlds and what a good game it was! I liked that the choices felt like they really mattered and I already want to replay it again one day. I liked the length as well, didn’t over stay it’s welcome or feel too short

I wanted to love Astral Chain earlier this year but couldn’t get into it ☹️ I love other Platinum Games games but this one didn’t do it for me. I was also annoyed that I wanted to up the difficulty and doing so restarts the whole mission which is turned out I was close to finishing. To be fair it does tell you but I didn’t think it made it clear enough. Control, Outer Worlds, Plague Tale m, Resident Evil 2, and Zelda have been good enough so it’s not the end of the world.

What’s everyone reading at the moment? I’m reading The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy which is the 2nd part of The Border Trilogy. The story is kind of hard to describe without spoiling anything but I thought it was going to be about one thing and now it’s completely different. Cormac is such a great author and my 2nd favourite behind Stephen King. I love the way he describes landscapes and his characters feel so real.

Anyone watching the current season of American Horror Story? As long as they keep the quality up it might become one of my favourite seasons! I’ve liked things about all of them but Hotel to Cult were a bit weak compared to the earlier seasons.

Oh! This is Death Stranding reviews. I thought it said that on the top

Not bad. IGN Japan gave it a 9/10 as well and Greg Miller said it was good.

Doctor Sleep was a very well done adaptation that managed to be a sequel to Kubrick’s Shining and Kings novel while also being its own thing. It could’ve been better as a miniseries imo because you spend a lot of time with each character in the book but as is it’s as good as I could’ve hoped for.

Sorry for posting this twice. I had to edit it

Can’t wait to see Doctor Sleep tomorrow! It’s getting some great reactions and I loved reading the book last year. It’s perfect to watch on Halloween too

Had another bad week 😩​ can’t wait for the weekend to do some more Star Wars binging and play Outer Worlds. Hopefully Fallen Order and Death Stranding are fun because the last month and a half sucked!

I’m sad about this but I’m glad they are taking their time. Death Stranding, Star Wars, Outer Worlds, and a LOU replay will pass the time. bit.ly/2MJWppj

I’m not sure about Fallen Order yet. EA likes to suck me into things and then when it’s out I’m disappointed but Respawn made Titanfall under EA and I like those. The gameplay didn’t really impress me much either until last week. Hoping for the best but I’m not going to get it until I see others saying giving their impressions. Fool me once EA!

I’m rewatching all of the Star Wars movies in preparation for Fallen Order and Rise Of Skywalker and I’m so thankful for APT that makes the prequels more fun! There’s things I like in Phantom Menace but Attack Of The Clones is sooo dull. Going to watch Revenge Of The Sith tomorrow to get the crap out of the way. Despite some problems I have with Disney Star Wars I’m not bored for long stretches at a time.

Another thing which is awesome is I did the Becky best moments of VGA (there’s been plenty of better moments since that video)! And VGA is Awesome!-Pokemon Snap and had no idea that 44k combined people watched them both. Never bothered to check for whatever reason until last night and was surprised! Thanks to those that watched. I’d like to make another but don’t have a computer at the moment.

I’ve been casually streaming whatever game I’ve been playing lately and found it kind of relaxing. I don’t mind if it gets zero views because I just like having my gameplay out there on the internet! I hope the Xbox (two?) and PS5 look better when streaming but the PS4 for now looks decent enough. I’ve had a bit of a crappy year so having a hobby on top of something I already enjoy doing has been nice too.

I’ve had a crap couple of weeks. Can’t wait for things to slow down so I can do some reading/playing games. I’m reading Battle Royale at the moment which is pretty good and it’s been so long since I’ve seen the movie that it’s almost like new.

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