My home application has gone through to find a place to live! I’m at the silver tier so I can start bidding but if someone with more needs wants it they can override the bid. There’s none in the town I want to live at the moment but every week it updates so I could find a place within the month or it could take a year. Still, it’s a big step forward

I’ve had my first vaccine jab! I’m extremely needlephobic (despite having one every week) and I’ve been stressed about it for awhile but while it did sting it wasn’t as bad as my meds I have each week. I can finally feel a bit more relaxed now ☺️ My next one is in 10 weeks

I’ve not been around much lately. I’m still trying to find a place to live and talked over Zoom to someone else yesterday. I’m now on a house hunting website but haven’t made much progress yet. I also have weekly medication but couldn’t last week because my veins collapsed so the needle couldn’t get in and I’ve started aching the last few days.

Hey everyone. Hope you all have a great holiday you celebrate. Sorry I’ve not been around much. I’ve had some stressful few months involving some family drama which has tired me out a lot. Some good news is that next month I should be able to get the vaccine which will calm my mind a bit.

Got my Xbox Series X today! Games load up so dang fast

I finished Haunting Of Hill House a few days ago and liked it a lot and now I’m reading Wuthering Heights which If it stays this good until the end it might be in my top 10! It’s so grim and dark

Today’s been one of the best days I’ve had in ages. I’m happy about the Mass Effect news, it’s the first day in awhile I’ve not felt too tired or unwell, I’m a fan of Game Informer and MinnMax and they are doing their 24hr charity stream which is always fun, and my Xbox has been sent out! Also I’m going to the hospital tomorrow for an EKG, I was supposed to go a few months ago but couldn’t because of sickness.

I’ve been struggling with reading and concentrating this year (I think partly from stress but also the last few books I read were over 800 pages and I might’ve been a bit burnt out) but a few days ago I think I’ve got my groove back! I started reading Haunting Of Hill House by Shirley Jackson which I’ve wanted to read for a long time and it has been great so far, I’m about halfway and hoping to get it done by the end of the week

Dammit. Bly Manor has made me cry multiple times! I’ve had a couple of people close to me die in the last year and some of the ways the characters talk about it and how they cope feel very close to me.

I think I’ve been handling things pretty well this year but I’m starting to feel a bit sad about it now. One of my friends I’ve not seen in awhile is coming over to watch some horror movies around Halloween which I’m looking forward to. I’ve also been rewatching the original Twilight Zone which is fun, been using an exercise bike a lot, having walks a few times a week, and I’m very close to finishing The Witcher 3 which is probably my 2nd favourite RPG now behind the original Final Fantasy 7

Today’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. I’ll start with the positive by saying I was able to order a PS5 which I’m super happy about because I sold my computer and saved up for about a year and a half. On the other hand my grandad died earlier this morning and I’ve got so many emotions about it. He wasn’t the nicest guy but I hated seeing I’m in pain for the last month and I’m glad he’s got some peace now.

I don’t feel like I’ve talked much in here lately but my life has been hectic in both negative and positive ways. The good news is within the next 5-6 months I should be getting my own place to live that’s for people with disabilities like myself so being able to use a kitchen where everything is higher up is going to be cool. I’m also going to potentially get a job working at a bookstore after the pandemic is done which I’m excited to do as books are my favourite thing

I’ve played 2 hours of Ghost Of Tsushima and I’m already addicted! Looking forward to playing more when I’m not feeling sleepy

Just watched Hamilton on Disney+ and it was one of the best things I’ve seen! I don’t watch that much broadway but I do like musicals despite not watching one for awhile, I’m kinda glad to watch it with subtitles because I appreciated it way more. I want to watch Frankenstein next which has Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch and was uploaded to YouTube recently.

When it originally came out I accidentally deleted a big save file for The Witcher 3 while making more space on the hard drive. I got so annoyed at myself I never went back to it until last week when I got it on Game Pass and I’ve been loving it again ever since! I think either tomorrow or Monday I should be back to where I originally was and can’t wait to see where it all goes

I’m a huge Game Informer podcast fan and was so sad to see Andy McNamara go, he’s worked on that magazine for 29 years and always was incredibly likeable, funny, and seemed to know a lot of behind the scenes in the gaming industry. I’m excited to see what he does next though but this does feel like an emotional gut punch. Kato and Leo are leaving too which suck but Leo is going to be involved with MinnMax which is ex-GI peoples podcast which is great too

I’ve felt kinda crappy lately, it’s been a hectic few months and now that I’ve finally got time to breath I feel exhausted. I’ve been playing/replaying The Witcher 3 (because I accidentally deleted my save originally when I got about halfway) which has been great and I’ve binged 6 seasons of The Shield in 2 months which has become one of my favourite shows so those have been nice distractions. Ghost Of Tsushima is out in 19 days so I’m sure that’ll be fun too.

I’ve finished Last Of Us 2 and haven’t had so many emotions in just the last few hours alone. My head even hurts trying to process everything but damn, what an experience. It was both ugly, beautiful, and something I don’t think I’ll ever forget about

I’m so excited to finish LOU2 (because I’m liking it a lot also) to see what Frasier and Becky think of it. Their playthrough of the original was the first time I watched them live and was a reason to become a turbo

Man, don’t read the comments in VGAs LOU2 video on YouTube. Too many people trying to spoil the game or call people that like it stupid. I’m 7 hours in now and I’m having a great time with it, I thought it was going to be a depression fest but I’ve smiled and laughed multiple times. I’ve never had a game before where if I say something slightly positive about it I get so much hate.

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