Just finished the Witcher on Netflix, god fucking damn was it good, even if you've never had any interest in the book and games, or you're just a fan of anything fantasy, go fucking binge that shit. It gets a solid 9/10 from me possibly the best Netflix original to date.

the grand finish! Merry Christmas, I love you all and I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! @Reiko @RedFoxCorky @MrMarc @JavaadWALRUS @voodoo

We out here recreating 300 in god damn Minecraft sky block

I dunno how I feel about the first episode of the Watchmen show...

@MissBlow With the epic return of fullscreen Minecraft, im sooo happy and curious on the future of it! Just wondering if yall have thought about getting the boys involved, if possible, cuz that would add even more awesomeness to the series, js :P Also dunno if yall have thought about doing small build challenges via PS4 Minecraft, since quite a few turbos (including this fox) still play Minecraft regularly <3

The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie's edition has my bank account quaking

If anyone is interested in some kinda lewd art, head over to my twitter @Kitsu_NSFW, i recently opened up commissions <3

My girl Yatish from the D&D campaign I'm in :3 NSFW version over on my art twitter (@Kitsu_NSFW) <3

Why I Mid90's should be a MOD

1. Have Van, will drive
2. Speak both Japanese and Canadian
3. @RadLaddy Has been nothing but sweet towards me and has helped me out on many things, and I would ban him in a sec if asked.
4. Being a Mod is a hard job, but thats what @mellisbaker and @grable are for.
5. Go Blue Jays
6. Although I do not like cats, they do taste great.
Thank you for your time
@voodoo @ZombieUnicorn @RedFoxCorky @Chrya @FistOfFiori
@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle

There's been a bit of a tense atmosphere in the community lately, and before I go too far I do wanna say I am still enjoying the show when I am able to watch, but some aspects of the community bad turned me off. Certain ways how some things are dealt with, such as criticism and drama, has just been awful and on some levels disgusting. I do hope the best for the show and the community, as I do love it, but right now things seem to be in a grey spot, at least from where I stand. Stay safe turbos ❤

@FarFromSubtle Hey Frash Frash, you know that you misspelled the title of the latest vid on YT right? Jeez thought I was the dyslexic one ;)

What I'm most excited about from E3 2019:

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Animal Crossing
Pokemon Sword and Shield
Ghostwire Tokyo
Doom Eternal
Halo Infinite
Watch Dogs Legion
Blair Witch

Honestly I don't get the hate for mobile games, as long as there's not huge pay walls and crazy micro transactions, there's no harm in them

@FarFromSubtle Aw damn u stopped watching the EA stream? I was looking forward seeing you guys moan at all the sports x3

Hey @FarFromSubtle, any chance u will play the last season of Walking Dead? Just curious, no pressure :3

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