Hey everybody! At 8 I'm streaming some public domain movies and hanging out for charity, come and watch the original little shop of horrors at 8pm eastern! twitch.tv/channel199x

@MissBlow do you know if you are sending out turbo shirts anytime soon? I forgot i never got mine

If anyone wants to hang out we are playing some Wolfenstein Youngblood! Http://twitch.tv/channel199x

We are playing some trover saves the universe if you wanna hang out! twitch.tv/channel199x

Hunter and I call each other baba all the time so if you're bored tonight you can watch us play baba is you and you can be baba too. We'll be live very soon!

Some pictures I took of @eleanrrr at the state Fair last year. The G7 is a great little camera, also I wanna go to the fair again

I have an announcement📣📣📣📣



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