I love my sweet lil baby and her adorable multicolor toes! :blobheartcat:

Hello my lovely TURBOs! Hope everyone is having a good 2020 so far! :blob_cat:

Came home to the best Christmas card! Thank you so much @FarFromSubtle and @MissBlow ! I love it! :blobheartcat:

It was fun visiting family and all, but I'm glad to be home with my fur baby! :blobheartcat:

A new family pupper has appeared! Ryder is a good boy! :blobheartcat:

Merry Christmas everyone! Santa definitely came last night! (When there are almost 20 people at one house for Christmas the tree fills up lol) :blobheartcat:

So apparently the upstairs unit has a bathroom over my dining room. They didn't seal their shower properly so that is what caused the leak in my light. Repairs made and hopefully it will be good from now on!

So after a very long break I finally decided to try and beat Darkest Dungeon again! I did my friends and TURBOs for the character names and I finally beat it last night! I'm so proud guys! Prob one of the hardest games I have beaten! Thanks to all you amazing TURBOs who rocked it as in game units! :blob_cat:

So I didn't watch the Awards Show but I am SOOO happy Fire Emblem: Three Houses took best Strategy and Player's Voice! Definitely my GOTY! :blobheartcat:

Made me some tasty Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal tonight! :blob_cookie:

Got my TURBO Christmas card! It's so pretty! Thanks @MissKris ! :blobheartcat:

Happy Turkey Day Murican TURBOs! 🦃​

Well it certainly wasn't easy, but I managed to give Molly her meds. The pill took 3 tries, wrapping her like a burrito in a towel, and laying on her to get done. The liquids were easier... Struggles of a single cat mom...

An $800 vet bill later I have a slightly drunk baby back home with her pain meds! She seems to feel ok for now. Glad to be home and being very snuggly. <3

My poor kitty Molly is getting her teeth cleaned and she has two resorptive teeth that need to be pulled... My poor baby must have been hueting so bad! I wish kitties would tell you they hurt so you could help them! TTnTT

So silent mode for Ring Fit is what I needed! It is still tiring, but no pain at all! \o.o/ I have only missed one day since I got it!

@FarFromSubtle because I know you love cows! Here in NC they just found some cows alive that they thought were swept out to sea from a hurricane. They swam about two miles to a little island and have been hanging out there until they were just found!

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