Hey turbos, I have made my first ever T-shirt. If this gets a lot of votes this could possibly get made with all your help, Please spread it as it would help me a-lot qwertee.com/product/coffee-bre

Hello everyone, I haven’t been active on here much

Can’t Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal come out any faster

I missed the end of todays Pokemon APT. Did they say when the next show is?

Nothing goes better then Noodles before bed :D

Made a funny edited image on Eggman from the Sonic Movie. Debating to myself weather or not to post up on here. 🤔​

If anyone is looking to add me on Nintendo Switch don't be afraid to ask :D

For the past few days I have been playing nonstop, more of my Nintendo Switch playing Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. Last time I played a game so much would have been Super Mario Odyssey.


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