@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow Just rewatched the goodbye E3 stream from last year and watching that led me to watching the original moving to Japan announcement video and wow, the excitement and just happiness from that is amazing. Seeing and knowing you both are living your dreams is incredible! So genuinely happy for you guys that it became your reality, and it truly inspires me to make it a reality for me as well :D

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Still love this picture I took of @FarFromSubtle and @RetroChris at PAX South 2018 because it put to bed any doubts/buyers remorse I may have had about my FujiFilm X-A3. So thanks guys!

@Kaninchenbau @Ethvau thank you both for the advice!! I'll do my best and I'll post some updates on here every now and then :D

So I want to learn Japanese, any tips/apps to help me get started?? :D

Sad that i didn't get to watch the first Ghibli Show live, but i'm making sure i catch the next one! This is going to be one of my favorite APT runs :D

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A long series of Studio Ghibli AWESOME! Piece Theatre! presentations begin this upcoming weekend!
Sat. Aug. 31 - 8:00 PDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 11:00 EDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 16:00 BST
Sun. Sept. 1 - 0:00 JST

Came back to overwatch after the role queue update and wow. I still love everything about this game!

I'm excited, I'm going to Otakon this weekend! Gonna hopefully buy some nice things there and just have an amazing time :)

Update on my hearthstone adventure, building decks is very fun and I can see why people love this game. I've lost a lot but I don't get mad at the game which is a big reason of why I'm most likely going to invest more time into it :)

I'm gonna invest some time into hearthstone to see if it's something I enjoy, so far I'm loving it!

I just got a drawing tablet and I've been playing osu for like 7 hours straight trying to get good.

More early morning thoughts! Im excited to get more invested into hobbies such as photography/videography, music production, and streaming/content creation. All over the place but I can't help it I love it all!

My heart goes out to the victims of the Kyoto animation fire and their loved ones, it truly saddens me seeing this. The impact their animations had on people and they joy it brought will never go away.❤️

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Looks like a terrible act of arson occurred a few hours ago. Unfortunate that something like this happened and I hope the families of the dead know that everyone is supporting them in this awful time.

@FarFromSubtle And for a personal pick considering my Pokémon hype, seeing you guys try to play through a whole pokémon game might be interesting.

@FarFromSubtle Persona 5 would be perfect to go back to now that you guys would recognize locations in the game, plus it would take up a good chunk of time! 👁️​

I have been in the biggest pokémon phase for absolutely no reason and I love every second of it.

Early morning thoughts but @MissBlow @FarFromSubtle You guys are truly an inspiration! You've both worked so hard over the years and I'm just happy to see where you guys are now and how much the community has grown!

Going for round 2 of late night APT, any recommendations?

Going back and watching the Awesome Piece Theater's that I've missed late at night with some good food. Also hello this is my first toot and basically my first appearance as a turbo so hello everyone!


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