@FarFromSubtle And for a personal pick considering my Pokémon hype, seeing you guys try to play through a whole pokémon game might be interesting.

@FarFromSubtle Persona 5 would be perfect to go back to now that you guys would recognize locations in the game, plus it would take up a good chunk of time! 👁️​

I have been in the biggest pokémon phase for absolutely no reason and I love every second of it.

Early morning thoughts but @MissBlow @FarFromSubtle You guys are truly an inspiration! You've both worked so hard over the years and I'm just happy to see where you guys are now and how much the community has grown!

Going for round 2 of late night APT, any recommendations?

Going back and watching the Awesome Piece Theater's that I've missed late at night with some good food. Also hello this is my first toot and basically my first appearance as a turbo so hello everyone!


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