The new Pokemon Go quest is asking for more friend making, add me if you haven't already! Friend code is 1595 1641 2006!

4 New Turbos Some (Rad Dudes)
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PAX newsletter just notified that PAX South badges go on sale on August 1st at 3 PM ET Get ready!

New Pokemon Go quest needs me to make some friends, add me if you haven't already!

Friend code: 1595 1641 2006

RIP Etika.

Not sure if anyone else followed him but what happened was a shame. I wasnt the biggest fan but I started following him when he was a relatively smaller channel. When he started to get weirder I stopped following his content as much but he was still in my periphery through Twitter. Seeing him unravel was pretty sad. Its a shame that he couldnt get, or accept the help he needed.

If you have mental health issues, take care of yourself. Dont be afraid to ask for, or accept help.

how do I legally change my fursona send toot

Ross making plans to torture the Game Grumps while dissecting through the Mario Maker 2 Direct is the purest thing.

Some Detective Pikachu spoilers 

Fox update. Fox kits! 4 in total managed to get this shot.


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