I wasn't expecting such a personalized card by Frash and Becky, thank you guys. DX

There are few things that taste better than chugging a glass of water after just brushing your teeth

My goodness! When reading this, I couldn’t help but think about how much @StarKitsune would love to go to this event!

Added my dreamcode to the Animal Crossing codeshare document. I don't get to play AC very often, let alone multiplayer but now it's visitable in dream form. ^^

Decided to catch up on the Half-Life series in response to watching one of the let's players I watch play through Alyx, having never seen nor played any before. Got the first one done now and it looks like it was quite an experiment (no pun intended) to make for the time, now to see through the expansion packs before seeing what they do with the second one.

Was stumbling my way back home from a friend's house and encountered a Fox! Also apologies for my drunk Attenborough Impression.

PAX South Turbos! Meeting at 6:00 again at the Tower of the Americas!

PAX South Turbos, how's a 6:00 Meetup at the Tower of the Americas sound?

Well for good news, I got a card from Frash and Becky!

The bad news is the mail returned the card I sent out presumably because of my crap handwriting...so to the Turbo that hasn't gotten there's yet, it's on its way again I promise!

Apparently the dive attack in Super Lucky's Tail was based on an actual thing foxes do, and it is fantastic: youtu.be/D2SoGHFM18I

The new Pokemon Go quest is asking for more friend making, add me if you haven't already! Friend code is 1595 1641 2006!

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