I've been replaying Rhythm Heaven games lately, and now my Animal Crossing island is somewhat themed after it. Here's some pics.

Just got this in the mail! It's the original Japan exclusive Rhythm heaven for GBA. I played it before on an emulator, but decided to get the real thing to replay it. I'm a huge fan of this series, and it's also how I first found VGA on youtube through rhythm heaven fever back in 2013.

I made a turtle area. πŸ’β€‹πŸ’β€‹πŸ’β€‹πŸ’β€‹πŸ’β€‹πŸ’β€‹πŸ’β€‹πŸ’β€‹ Can you spot the fake?

Been playing a lot of New Horizons. Please add me if you want.

My second Mario Maker 2 Level (not counting 2 smaller ones I did):
Test your raccoon flying skills with a couple of small challenges. After each part there's basically a new checkpoint as it's near impossible to die, which means you can keep trying again and again.

Since people are sharing Mario Maker levels, here's my first: NT6-SP0-W8G.

I think I'll upload a tweeked/expanded version later. This was really just to upload a stage quickly. Please let me know what you think!

My cat was hiding under this wardrobe from a thunderstorm. We tried to lure him out to eat his dinner, but he would just pull the chunks inside like this.


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