The Darkest Dungeon shows are fun to watch even if the gameplay is repetitive. It's how effective the atmosphere of the game is, combined with all the neat technical combat bits. Plus the sheer unpredictability of each run, as Fraser talked about toward the end of the show. Thanks for returning to this game even if it was a brief run, @FarFromSubtle

Just got around to watching how the latest Darkest Dungeon show ended after I bowed out of the chat and learned the fate of my shieldbreaker. ⚰️​ Them's the breaks!

So, GitS SAC_2045 develops some more promising plots late in the season. The stories get more cerebral and topical, which is what I had gone into the series expecting. By the time the season finale ends, the show is feeling much more like the original series! What's extremely helpful is the transition to more episodic stories. The serial format was a real drag on the first half of the season.

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Watched 8 episodes so far and am not liking SAC_2045 much at all. I expected better CGI from Production I.G. after so long in the game. The writing feels like they adapted a GitS fanfic. The characters act like one-dimensional copies and the threat is far less complex or original than the Laughing Man or the Individual Eleven... A real shame given this franchise's past potential.

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Just getting around to watching the March S&T and saw that Netflix's Ghost in the Shell released a couple days ago. Going to check that out tonight!

Personal GOTYs from this decade:

2010: Heavy Rain
2011: Uncharted 3
2012: Journey
2013: Papers, Please
2014: Hyrule Warriors
2015: Undertale
2016: Undertale
2017: Undertale
2018: Undertale
2019: Undertale

I played 0 to 1 brand new games per year for a while and none of them were as good as Undertale, so there.

Happy Birthday, @FarFromSubtle ! Thanks for making the internet a more fun place to visit.

Saw "The Lighthouse" yesterday and it's as weird and wild as the trailer made it out to be. @FarFromSubtle would probably love all the classic cinematography techniques. It's not one of those "we desaturated the film to look retro!" productions. They really play with light and shadow just like it was done in the first decades of cinema.

This is my first day posting here but I've been a Turbo since 2014, I think? Was a fan starting with the Heavy Rain shows. I don't make it to many live shows and I don't personally know any fellow Turbos, at least not yet. But I'm a big fan of the show and the crew's humor and enthusiasm.

I missed the Darkplace APT but there's now way I'm missing this one!


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