Why I Mid90's should be a MOD

1. Have Van, will drive
2. Speak both Japanese and Canadian
3. @RadLaddy Has been nothing but sweet towards me and has helped me out on many things, and I would ban him in a sec if asked.
4. Being a Mod is a hard job, but thats what @mellisbaker and @grable are for.
5. Go Blue Jays
6. Although I do not like cats, they do taste great.
Thank you for your time
@voodoo @ZombieUnicorn @RedFoxCorky @Chrya @FistOfFiori
@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle

all facts, give this man the mod status he deserves

@TheMid90s @RadLaddy @grable @voodoo @ZombieUnicorn @RedFoxCorky @Chrya @FistOfFiori @MissBlow @FarFromSubtle First and only rule of being a MOD. You don't ask to be a MOD, it just happens. You ruined your chances by asking.

@mellisbaker @RadLaddy @grable @voodoo @ZombieUnicorn @RedFoxCorky @Chrya @FistOfFiori @MissBlow @FarFromSubtle Fellow Turboz , do not listen to this non believer, he has not seen the light of the 90s he is a fooly fool that fools. We will rise and show them all that we have seen the glory and its name is Mod90s ....

@RadLaddy @mellisbaker @grable @voodoo @ZombieUnicorn @RedFoxCorky @Chrya @FistOfFiori @MissBlow @dissy
I challenge @FarFromSubtle To a Duel! A battle OF TURBO STICKS! Above the Pit of snakes!
Winner becomes a Mod
Loser has to pay my grandma back 40 bucks for the gas money for the Van.

@RadLaddy @mellisbaker @grable @voodoo @ZombieUnicorn @RedFoxCorky @Chrya @FistOfFiori @MissBlow @dissy I have been told we can not use the Pit of Snakes cause "Its for the Turbo Book Club" so the duel of fates will be moved to the Fluffy Bunny Room! Hey @FarFromSubtle doe's your husband play? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh-

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