Just finished Art’s Dream in Dreams and holy shit was it good. Not only as a game in Dreams but just as an experience in itself. Some of the sequences and the artistic direction were amazing!

Watching Sex Education season 2 and despite it still being a bit tropey and confused about the time period/country it’s set in, the writing is really good and has been great in terms of representation! Think I prefer it to the first season honestly (not that it was bad).

Trying to enjoy Christmas but it feels like something is watching me...

Rise of The Skywalker Thoughts 

Also the music is great! They’ve really managed to capture the feel of the game soundtrack which I loved.

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I had my reservations about Cavill as Geralt, but so far he’s been great! He even has the voice nailed pretty well. It’s making me want to go back and play the game again!

My god The Crown episode on the Aberfan disaster was incredible. Very heavy stuff, and hard to watch at times but I’m glad they didn’t gloss over anything. It was something that needed to be told.

New episode of The Crown was as good as I was expecting. Surprisingly emotional actually. The new actors slip into the roles of the characters so well I nearly forgot there was even a change!

Halfway through the new season of End of the F***ing World and it’s been so good so far. Was worried how’s they handle it considering how S1 ended but they’ve pulled it off well!

Finally finished Children of Morta and what a fantastic game it was! Honestly considering it for my game of the year. Would love to see more games like it from the studio!

New trailer for The Crown just dropped. I’m so ready for Olivia Colman to smash it, it’s gonna be great!

If anyone’s looking for a good Rogue-lite game with procedural dungeon crawling, I highly recommend Children of Morta! It just came out today on PS4 and I’m loving it.

People who’ve played Man of Medan: is it worth getting? I’ve heard mixed things about it and not sure wether to buy it or not. I loved Until Dawn if that’s anything to go by.

Sorry I left the Turbo matches so abruptly! My internet likes to die at the most inconvenient of times 🤷‍♂️

Need to capture the point in a minute but the enemy team have Orisa + Bastion? No worries, me, @rth1089 and @RadLaddy have got this.

@FarFromSubtle new Overwatch hero is up on the ptr if you wanted to check them out!

Man, the new OW origin video might be my favourite one yet. It’s really well done!

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