People who’ve played Man of Medan: is it worth getting? I’ve heard mixed things about it and not sure wether to buy it or not. I loved Until Dawn if that’s anything to go by.

@TheMinett I definitely didn’t like it as much as Until Dawn, but I still had a good time with it. It wasn’t mindblowing or anything but for $30 I feel like it was worth it. Has a lot of branching paths and replayability too.

@TheMinett It is chocked full of cheap jump scares, but there were also a few moments that legitimately got me pretty good as far as creepy imagery. My biggest complaint is that the controls were really terrible and clunky. Made gameplay frustrating at times, but if you can get past that, I think you’ll like it.

@grable honestly I’m such a sucker for branching story choice based games that I’ll probably give it a go. These devs actually make your choices matter in their games so it’s a lot more satisfying when you make the right ones.

@TheMinett Yeah I think you'll definitely like it then. I'd go for it! I tried to keep in mind that the studio probably had a lot of growing pains trying to go from the PS exclusive engine to cross platform. You'll definitely notice a downgrade in facial animation and general gameplay performance from Until Dawn but I don't think it ruins the experience by any means. I still plan on playing it multiple times. haha

@grable I forgot this was cross platform now! Yeah small technical issues don’t bother me too much. Telltale games weren’t particularly great in that area but I still enjoyed them.

@TheMinett Me and @grable played it together and had a fun time! It's def not on the level of Until Dawn but it's a budget title so

@lore @grable yeah the coop stuff looks really interesting. It’s a pretty fun idea!

@TheMinett @grable oh we didn't do co-op! Grable shareplayed the game and i panicked in her ear

@lore @grable ah ok haha. I mean that also sounds entertaining too honestly.

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