Steam just expanded the scope of Remote Play with "Together" and "Anywhere". Remote Play Together allows a host to run a local co-op game, like Overcooked, and invite friends to play regardless if they own the title or not.
while Remote Play Anywhere allows you to stream from your PC to your phone, tablet, TV or another PC. Feels to me like a response to Google Stadia.

@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow or after they are frozen just march up into their face and SHOCK BLAST (the stasis shotgun)

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@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow and upon watching the segment of the stream that I missed I am so sorry I wasn't there to clarify the stasis stream. The purpose of the stasis stream is to "freeze" (or at least slow) enemies so that you can either get away from them and/or swap to a more powerful tool and deal more damage.

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@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow so rest assured, the experience you are having is nearly seamless from that of the original release. If you are to continue playing, I personally recommend the upgrades: Boson Dart Supercharge (increases damage and more darts per charging cycle), Shock Blast Rate Increase/Heat Reduction because the Blast is actually VERY useful in close-quarters combat, and the Blast Stream Recoil Decrease which will increase your mobility while firing the proton stream.

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@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow did a little digging for any changes made during the remastering of Ghostbusters TVG and in a recent interview with Matt McKnight, the VP of Business Development at Saber Interactive, he stated: “We didn’t touch the gameplay. We left it as-is. It was more about making as many visual improvements as we could with the time we had. So lighting, shadows, hair — those were the types of things that became the focus of it, as well as just getting the game up and running.”

Scooby-Doo turns 50 this Friday!
That pooch means the world to me; every time I was ill I preferred Scooby cartoons to anything else because it was simple enough to follow in a dayquil haze but entertaining enough to keep me engaged. Actually tearing up typing out this post, my god 😂​

Last night I finally unlocked Arena and Tavern Brawl AND finished a successful Dungeon Run in Kobolds & Catacombs after many, many, MANY attempts across all classes (Druids be broken) and when I went to sleep at 7 AM I dreamt of Hearthstone. I blame @FarFromSubtle , I can't put this game down. it's too good!

lol, first pack of "Rise of Shadows" and I draw Legendary Dragon Kalecgos

Ugh, I was enjoying Mage in the Witchwood single player campaign and captured some outrageous Yogg-Saron clips but they are like 250 Mb each. Is there an upload limit to this Toot @nulani ?


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