Been playing Yakuza Like a dragon lately. It's a fun but slow burn. Chapter 7, level 23 and about 30 hours in.

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Put together a Google sheet for Turbo PSN IDs, Switch codes, Steam names, etc for ease of access! Add your pro gamer names if you feel like it

Going for the Hall of fame contest to get a lot of Gamerscore before October 20th. Day 5 and I'm up 11875 GS. Still not enough.

Where the hell was Last of us part 6 video linked that it got so many views and so many people being kiss asses to a multi billion dollar company?

Who decided that 1080p on a 15 inch laptop was a good resolution? I need to crank everything up to 140-150% size to read it without squinting.

There goes 1027.22 for new parts. Now to wait for shipping.

TODAY! I star the ordering process of the computer rebuild.

I have stepped across the picket line and done my prime day shopping. From the FFSTV affiliate link I got a nice Logitech G920 and an Antenna with HDMI output.

RTX 2019 was cool. Was I the only VGA Turbo there as a Guardian?

Playing Monster Jam Steel Titans. Not as awesome as Path of Destruction but still an okay game. Way better than the last 2 pieces of shit we've got recently.

you can click on the elephant below the text entry box...

Forza Motorsport 6 is fully done! after 125 hours and 55 minutes of racing all the events are won and completed. Now for Forza Motorsport 7... Disappointed and relieved there's no FM8 this year.

Current Achievement Journey. To complete Forza Motorsport 6. About 10 hours to go...

My Pokemon Go code if you want some gifts from Austin. 4236 4054 3781

Currently Idling my Cities Skylines city from 4 million in debt to get positive soon. Had to trash it to unlock all the buildings.


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