The Incredible Jessica James is a really wonderful movie. Great cast (Chris O’ Dowd)

Speaking of Disney. This is probably one of the most underrated Disney soundtracks:

What song do you think is gonna get the Oscar for best song? 👁️​

Do yourself a favor, watch this song until the very end. What a masterpiece, Cynthia is an incredibly skilled performer:

The new photoshop app on ipad looks pretty solid. Curious to find out how it compares to the desktop version.

There's a garbage pail kids movie.. from the 80s.. why have I not seen it yet?

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@Trancilian I firmly second this actually.

Polar Express is a solid Christmas movie all around. Also it has Tom Hanks as every other character

I tried The Last of Use on normal.. couldn't get past one of the first multiple enemy encounters. Aiming sucks, distracting them doesn't work, back to easy it is

First episode of His Dark Materials is so much fun. Looks really well done

Apparently I only worked 4 hours last month for a client that usually needs me for 30+ hours and is pretty much the core of my income. Luckily last month I had a bit of extra work coming in, but nothing like what I used to make a year ago. I expected it to get less since I work faster, we can re-use designs, but not like this. If this goes on I really need to start promoting my business more and figure out how to better combine multiple projects. I'm a bit worried. 👁️​

I got an iphone 11, but it's way bigger than I expected. Now I can't decide wether to return it, or just get used to it. I'm afraid I might drop it more often. Samsung had a lot of screen burn issues, but other than that I very much liked my s8. It would also be way cheaper.😫 I dunno what to dooooo

Colossal is such a weird movie. I like the concept it's based around, but the way they executed it is so odd and dark. It's trying way too hard to be a movie that's about something while actually being about something else 👁️​

'I have ADHD' - a disorganized list #1 chore-management

"If you have to do more than three things to actually check one item off your list, it’s not a task; it’s a project."

I often feel overwelmed. I'm working on a project and at some point I get stuck. Usually it isn't until I manage to break the big problem down into smaller problems that I start finding solutions. This may seem obvious, but not when you have ADHD. 👁️​

I'll probably be doing more 'draw from memory' streams with TmsT and other artists I know. We figured out a way to stream with multiple artists. Follow me on twitch if you want to be notified when we go live. Will probably be weekends.

Name an animation character for me and TmsT to draw from memory. Live here:

We're doing a buzzfeed inspired 'Draw from Memory' game. Watch it here:

Doing a live drawing stream with the insanely talented New Zealand artist TmsT (Andrew). Watch it live here:

Got my first ever Family Shoot tomorrow. Doing some quick reading in preparation. I can highly recommend this book

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