Its 1am. I just bought tickets to see the final screening of Cats next Tuesday at 11:30, in what will probably be an empty cinema. I actually love the musical, looking forward to it.

There’s one or two times a year that I decide to go beardless. Today is that day. How do I clean shave again?

This tutorial is a must watch. Even if you don’t care about neon signs.. or don’t even have blender.. this guy is hilarious. (Also its super short)

Unfortunately it went into print already. Hope it can make someone have a good laugh. At least my client didn’t seem very upset

Playstation plus has 25% discount. Good time to renew your subscription if it’s nearly running out (it will be added after your current subscription)

Heading into 2020 with an organised desk. The posters under the glass are from Power Unlimited, a gaming mag I used to read. The games are Fable, Fight Night Round 2, Half Life 2, Ninja Gaiden and GTA SA.

First season of the Mandalorian was really good. Nice pacing, good character and story development. Conclusion felt good. Ready for season 2!

Baked banana is the best 😍 except for that one gross one that turned out to be black and gross on the inside

One of my favourite grown up activities is ordering Chinese while traveling home, and having it ready for pickup when I get to my last stop.

Life status: frozen butt thanks to iron busstation bench

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