The final question is: why is it so hard for people to understand this and are people still teaching this misinformation that you need 72 for online and 300 for print. When I explained this to people I got the response: I believe you are wrong, because my very successful professor taught me otherwise.

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And of course, as I wrote in an earlier post, ppi does not matter for digital use, only resolution does. But as it turns out, even whit print the only value you should really be concerned about is the effective PPI and resolution. How the amount of pixels you have, relates to it’s print size. In this case 48.7cm wide. Any print bigger than that will either require enlargement (which adds generated pixels) or have quality loss (blurry, pixelated)

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Conclusion: PPI doesn’t matter, only amount of pixels(resolution) does. If you know you want to print a picture 300 dpi can be nice to work with, because when checking the image size in photoshop it will show the real world cm’s size. If the image were 72 ppi you’d have to divide that size by +-4 to get the real printed size. However if you work with InDesign you can see the Effective PPI, which does this conversion for you. So both images would have the exact same effective ppi.

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Photography: I tried figuring out what PPI settings would be best for export out of lightroom. Here’s what I found:
Photo res= 5760x3840

Export with 72 ppi and 300 ppi both give 5760x3840 pixels but with different metadata tag for the ppi.

When comparing in photoshop it shows the printed size for 300 as 48.77cm, for 72 it’s somewhere in the 200cm range. Change the 72 to 300 though(without resampling), and it gives 48.77cm. Because the amount of pixels stays the same.

For some reason youtube keeps recommending this 30 second funny clips. And I aint mad 😆

So there’s this big episode of Lucifer in which a couple characters finally learn or accept the truth, next episode there’s only a tiny nod to these events. So annoying

Been watching a lot of Lucifer lately, trying to catch up (currently in season 3). I like the premise of the show, but the writing is absolutely terrible. Chloe has no personality of her own whatsoever, she’s just a prop for the male protagonists to fight over. And too many storylines are just stuck in an endless loop in which they tease resolution, but then a character does something dumb and they are back where they started. The main story is interesting, but could’ve been so much better

Just did some tests on fb. PPI made no difference at all. Png files had no or less compression, jpg’s and 16bit png’s were a compressed mess. Filesize or maybe resolution seems to matter when it comes to compression.

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Photography: Why do people have such a hard time understanding that PPI does not matter for digital use (ppi is determined by your monitor, not by the image)? 72, 300, 30000 ppi it will al look the same on instagram. PPI only matters when doing print. I still gladly get paid to convert 3000 images from 300 to 72ppi however 😂

Today I Learned my bookkeeping software has an invoice recognition feature. Already saved me a lot of time doing my taxes today. Guess this week hasn’t been completely shit

Got the vinyl recording of the musical Chess in the mail today. This musical, by one of the ABBA guys, is one of my all time favourite shows. This particular recording is from the 1984 original London Cast. The audio quality isn’t much different from iTunes, but there’s something special about owning your favourite albums in vinyl and taking the time to put them on and listen to the records from beginning to end. Ordered 4 more records that weren’t too expensive, so I got more to look forward to

Whenever I type in thuisb.. in google chrome it already pops up the location permissions for the food delivery website. Bit scary you can connect to a website without even confirming the url input

These are so good! Glad to see kevin James in something with quality again.

I shaved my head for the first time today. Had the longest hair I’ve ever had before it, but I hated how it looked. Since covid is still around I figured it was time to check this off my bucket list. Wish I would have done it back when I met @FarFromSubtle in Germany, we could have been twinsies 👨🏼‍🦲 👨🏼‍🦲😂

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