I like the episode of Buffy in which she fires a rocket launcher at the unkillable baddie in a crowded shopping mall.

@Zaziuma it’s fun. This is my second attempt (first time I stranded in season 2).

@Trancilian Buffy is one of my favorites! I may be over nostalgic for it though. I was a kid when I aired first run and I watched it with my mom.

And yes, Buffy with a rocket launcher rocks!

@Jesslb429 im getting annoyed by how much a dick Xander is though. He blackmailed a witch to get revenge on Cordelia, then when it backfires Cordelia thinks it’s a romantic gesture.. that’s messed up.

@Trancilian Xander gets better as you go on, in my opinion. First few seasons, his character is kinda of whiny “nice” guy. Once they kinda veer away from that he gets better. And the show does show its age at times. Each character sometimes gets into that kinda messed up place at one point or another.

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