Just watched Isle of Dogs, very strange movie, but still enjoyable, first Wes Anderson movie, what other movie of his should I watch? I barely heard of any of the others, so take your pick.

The Kiki APT has some video lag, but thr audio is fine and I was able to watch it normally, just not watching the video.

Oohhhhhhhh boy, just wasted a lot of time trying to find a thing in a game, you ever got that? Just wandering around forever, searching the same spot forever. What a boring nightmare that was.

I started playing this game Observation on Xbox Game Pass, seems fascinating, playing as an AI that well, observes a space station, and things seemed to have gone wrong, and now this lady is barking orders at me, and I gotta learn how to do everything on the fly, opening the doors, stopping a fire etc. it's stressful and atmospheric, I love these kinds of isolated space game, and it's freaking gorgeous too, I thought it was an FMV game for a sec because it looked photorealistic.

Oh loooord, I finished Death Stranding, holy crap it is done, I can finally say I get what is going on in Death Stranding! Well, mostly. Actually it's still fuzzy, but at least I sort of get it.

I randomly stumbled upon this channel because YouTube recommended a NieR: Automata video of theirs, loved the concept and their style immediately, and now the term "Diarrhea Christmas Lights" will be in my vocabulary forever, so I binged all their videos in the last few days, love finding new channels like this, check them out for sure: youtube.com/watch?v=4Y4_Fc2R5t

Disney+ is finally coming to Denmark on September 15th. It was suppose to come in the summer, but well the world is bricks right now.

I stsrted watching Doom Patrol and it's starting off pretty good, have no knowledge about this franchise, but for DC, it's a fresh surprise. Wonder why I haven't heard much talk about it. Only on EP 3 but can recommend.

Well, seems like that Crash 4 leak is real enough, as the official Crash twitter just posted about it, which is great, I would love to see a new Crash game, with the remakes being fantastic, I hope they can provide an original experience. I mean yeah the remake is good, but it's practically the same game, which is different from a brand new game, but still, they could have screwed up the remakes, and didn't.

Oh hey, that Lost in Random game is made by the same people who made Fe a while back, Zoink Games, which I have got to play more of, the art direction is great, just got so many other games to play first. I am liking what they are putting out so far, so hopefully it will be good: youtube.com/watch?v=hZX-ZRfzHw

I just finished Nier: Automata, what an excellent game, truly one of the best I have played in a while, it surprised the hell out of me, and man, ending E is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Watched Hook on APT, decent movie, feels like they could do more with Robin Williams in here, Hook and Smee are fun to watch though, feels a bit long in the tooth at times, pretty cheesy and some kids actors are horrible, but it's for kids, I get it.

Wow this is so well made, not the cross over you expected, but works surprisingly well youtu.be/RCOXX8By8Ko

Just watched Total Recall for the first time through APT. What a dumb fun movie, it got fun action but a lot of it makes no sense, but yeah, I get why it's remembered so well (well other than triple boobs of course)

Man, it's pretty crazy that there are three exclusive platformers coming for PS5, Ratchet and Clank, Sackboy and Astro Bot. Also just learned that Astro's Playroom will be pre-loaded on PS5, hopefully it's more than a tech demo, it seemed like a full world, but maybe it's more limited then we will see, but hopefully it will actually be more than just a 1 hour thing: youtube.com/watch?v=lu5VXrEqgc

Love the games they showed, both new franchises and unexpected releases of older ones, and some more obvious picks as well which hey, makes sense with how much Spiderman and Horizon made.

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PS5 reveal thoughts, more in comments: I can't say that the reaction Fraser gave was quite mine, it wasn't anger, more of an "oh, that is what they did huh". I understand wanting a design that is unique, but the PS4's design nailed a simple but unique design, now you a making a router from a David Cage game, what choice is that? It's wonky and doesn't work with anything. Have I seen worse ideas? Sure, but you know what you are doing now, at least I thought you did.

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