Started playing Shenmue 2, and ohhhhh boy, it is somehow immediately weirder than the first one. Ok so faces are even creepier, moving the crates has a guy yell the same line so many times it becomes numbing, weird biker girl whose body looks like a horny teen's dream girl, yet somehow gross and unnatural. I will enjoy the hell out of this game.

So Overwatch Halloween event starts tomorrow but it's gonna be awkward with the whole Blizzard thing. On one hand, I don't pay more money to them so playing the game will not affect anything really, but also I have to remind myself that Blizzard are bad. Can you blame Overwatch though? It's a weird question and I have no answer.

@FarFromSubtle you still in partnership with Monstercat? Cause Tokyo Machine just released a song called TURBO and it would be perfect for the show:

Hot damn, after 100 hours, I think that I have exhausted as much of Breath of the Wild as I can, and am now ready for Hyrule Castle. That took a loooooong time to get to, but seems like I'm finally gonna finish this game.

Saw my first Switch in the wild today. Was on the train and saw some kids playing Smash, using the kick stand no less, odd to see that here in Denmark, I wonder if it's more common elsewhere.

Oh my god, PS5 confirmed for holiday 2020. Which holiday is anyone's guess, but they probably mean Christmas, and it would be weird for it to come our early in the year without a date. Also, while it may have been confirmed before, the name PS5 seems all but official:

Hmmm, now that they played Hollow Knight I need to find another game to bug them about...Oh I know, play Ori and the Blind Forest!

Wow, they loved Hollow Knight I mean, I knew that already, but I was still scared, since it was hyped up so much to them, but yeah, Fraser literally said he didn't find any issues with it, except for the Switch controller input lag, sooooo yeah, if the only issue is about the controller that Nintendo made, and not the actual game, that is a pretty glowing recommendation. I don't expect them to return to the game, it's a long game, and they have so many games to return to, but I hope for a return

They finally played Hollow Knight, it feels like a dream, but it happened!

Never thought that a band called Prong could be good, but just started listening to their music and it's pretty good.

Anamanaguchi's new song Air On Line just came out and I am happy for the first time in a long time:

Preacher series finale just happened, no spoilers here, but just want to say that it's a little sad to see it end. It was a show that was so fun and weird and unexpected for me, while most say the comics are better, the show was entertaining all throughout. Check it out if you haven't.

Been playing Bloodstained, and the music is real good, but then it turned freaking brilliant:

What's the most recent game you finished? For me it's Gears 5. I rarely play games as soon as they come out, but as this was on Xbox Game Pass, it was available to me right away, so I played through it. I tend to wait a year or two for most games to go down in price, so I have no idea what other recent game I actually finished.

Yawn, I catch early shows, but not 4AM early. At least Twitch got the VOD up.

I am playing Unravel 2, and it is a lot of fun, but man the music! Just listen to this track, also I suggest Thrilling Chase and Garden Party:

I beat Gears 5. I can't say it reinvented the wheel, but it did introduce some cool new things, like open world mechanics, a robot that gains various abilities, and the game does look very pretty at times, but it's mostly the same kind of gameplay I have seen again and again. It was worth playing for free on Xbox Game Pass, but yeah, I wouldn't have played all the games if they hadn't all been on that service.

Last of Us 2 is coming February 21st, hell yeah!

anything, they just kind of log off I guess? I also wish they explored the world more, with virtual reality, you could do a bunch of cool things, but it's so rarely explored. Yusaku is duller than cardboard, AI is pretty annoying, villains are mediocre and the plot seems to get lost in the complexity of it all, it was really just another YGO anime, nothing special, but had fun duels at times, and has probably the highest number of Archetypes I would like to see in the real game at some point.

Just one more day until the VRAINS finale, and overall, it was another YGO anime. I honestly just found it a little bit boring overall, the plot of ARC-V was perhaps all over the place at times, but it was a more interesting idea, and I always felt that nothing really mattered, because we are in a virtual world, while yeah, they do have that coma thing that somehow can happen, but still, it doesn't seem to really matter, as characters who seem to lose don't really die or anything 1/2

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