Look at at all this good stuff coming, we got Celeste we got Knights and Bikes, that Carto game is interesting looking. polygon.com/2020/10/26/2153425

I finished up The Mandalorian, they decided to make them weekly, even though all were out. It was...fine. I thought it felt a lot like they didn't have a whole season, it was kind of all over the place.

Finished Resident Evil 7 today. Mixed feelings on it, I like some of it, but other parts feel disjointed and rushed somehow, but when it works it really works, got some good spooks out of me. Having only played RE4 this is quite a change in tone, it is not goofy, except a few times, but not in the same way at all. Which RE game is the next to cross off the list? I own the remake of 1 on PS4 since it was on PS+ a while back so maybe that one.

Hollow Knight's music may not be the best for drums, but I still think it sounds great either way: youtube.com/watch?v=ZqvL-w67yG

The next DS game I have had for years but didn't get around to is The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, which is one of the Zeldas I never even saw a Lets Play for, so I have no idea what to expect here.

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I just finished Yoshi's New Island after playing it on and off for god knows how long. Every time I went back to it, it just made me sad. It has anti fun and anti soul, and the more I try to get enjoyment out of it, it sucks it dry. I only beat it because I loved the original game and called it my favorite game until only recently, so to see this game give me hope so many times but then do nothing of value, it makes me so sad. I hear that the Wii U one is pretty good, so maybe I will try it next

ScourgeBringer just came out of early access, having played it a little bit, it seems solid, fast paced, action packed and rocking tunes, I wonder if @FarFromSubtle and @MissBlow would be interested in playing it. youtube.com/watch?v=cJMPg7wpOB

I wonder if they would ever play a game like Little Inferno again, it's hard to believe this was something they played, but so glad they did. youtu.be/DT1E1nfxrL4

Been playing Resident Evil 7, not a huge horror game guy, but maaaan does this game keep you on edge sometimes, when you gotta get the arm, just saying that part made me want to nope out a few times.


The only things I have ever bought from Wish is a speaker and a Pokemon plush, so how this is what it suggests is just confusing.

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Wtf is wish trying to sell to me? NSFW

Well I guess I gotta watch the prequels again as well, so The Phantom Menace APT done, yeah man, I was so bored with these movies and at least watching it with the gang will improve it a bit.

Oh well this was unexpected, I loved this series, it had quite a few missteps, but when it worked it was great. I think that they could do something interesting with this, I have no idea where they will go with it. twitter.com/IGN/status/1316472

And here I thought the original was intense, this looks hard but fun, could easily see this being in the real game, most attacks are variations on the original version, only the one where he machine guns you is completely new. youtu.be/aHdl1PM3zu0

Watched The King of Comedy after hearing how much of it inspired Joker and yeah, makes sense for sure, think I like it more than Joker, it feels like the message is gotten across better, though it sure takes a while to get started, that is one slow opening.

Finished the Hamilton APT, gotta say it's hard to keep up, and with all the apparent misinformation, I wasn't always sure what was accurate or not, but hey, it was still enjoyable for the songs, first musical in my life, tradional anyway, plenty of Disney stuff and what have you.

Fall Guys season 2 is live! New levels oh how I have yearned for you! Oh wow, I won my first crown of the new season already, and with two new levels I had to learn on the fly to boot. youtube.com/watch?v=ttEa_XkuX6

Watched JoJo Rabbit, not exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed it. I don't think it's amazing, could use more jokes, as it sometimes forgets it's a comedy mostly, but then it also gets weirdly serious at some point, tone can be a bit off.

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