Beat RE4 today, my first Resident Evil experience. Oddly enjoyable, even if the gameplay is wonky and writing is B-Movie tier, but it had fun and was creative with its levels and world. Reason for 99 hours is that in Xbox One it counts time even when console is off.

Infinity Train is the funniest kids cartoon about divorce ever. Wait, I feel like that shouldn't add up. Just watch it, it's very good so far.

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Oh my god, I knew Resident Evil have always had bad writing, but RE4 is fucking hilarious, I kind of love it. Gameplay is so weird though, the troll boss is wonky, at least I beat it first try, game is pretty easy so far, but dude the cheese!

I just started playing my very first Resident Evil game, RE4. I have always wanted to jump into the series, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to the start or begin with the "best" one, so when I saw this was on Xbox Game Pass, I figured I would give it a shot. So far, I'm enjoying it, though the controls do take a bit to get used to. The voice acting is as hilarious as I have seen from videos of the game, but hey, that's the charm of the series I hear.

Check out Lambs of God if you get the chance, it's only 4 episodes long, but it's quite good, and it got the lady from The Handmaid's Tale in it.

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@FarFromSubtle Hey Frash, I created a small mouse script to automate your dragging of the camera in OBS and make it slide in like it used to. You just set two mouse positions and it will drag between those on command.

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I began Breath of the Wild already knowing I would like it, having watched LPs of it before, but I didn't know I loved the game until recently, as I just kind of wandered about, just having finished my 2nd Divine Beast, listening to the great tune in Rito Village, it hit me how much I like this game. I have yet to play a lot of the Zelda games, and this is my first real venture into the 3D games, having only played a few main line games, so it's a great one to start with.

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, VERY VERY...oh it's not that bad, it's like more than 3km away based on when the sound reaches me.

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts 2, and I just got to Timeless River, and so far, this game is actually kind of fun, and now I get a surprise like this? Am I enjoying this game? That can't be, I hated the first game, Chain of Memories was not fun to play I actually just looked up a playthrough online, yet here I am, playing the game that I played as a kid first, not knowing about the rest of the games in the series or how bad they were, now having played the others, and liking this game. Huh.

Well, I think I'm done replaying Borderlands 2. I beat the game, all the DLC, I have some raid bosses left, but they are hard as balls, so no thanks. It was enjoyable to play this game again, and the DLC I never got to play was a lot of fun too, but man, it's a long-ass game, took me 86 hours to beat, and while the gunplay is fun, it does get slightly repetitive after a while. I need a break until Borderlands 3 comes out for sure.

I just finished Outer Wilds. What an incredible experience, the exploration and world building here is top notch, with alien technology and space physics imagined in a way I have never seen before, you will always find something new. It's a game that you should not spoil for yourself, so go play it. Just be warned, it will take up a lot of your time, and I had to look at a walkthrough eventually, as your only direction in the game comes from your exploration.

Sixth Mario Maker 2 level is here! This time I tried to make something with a win condition, so you gotta keep Yoshi around, and also I made some underwater segments: YS4-NKQ-YKG

Watched the first episode of Euphoria and it seems good, but it's one of those shows that make you feel weird for watching them you know

My fifth Mario Maker 2 level is complete! I have now used all 5 game themes, with this one being SMB1 styled. It's an upside down level, though only sometimes, it's a little bit of spur of the moment design to be honest, but hey, I liked how it turned out: HHK-5N0-MYF

In case you hate fun and all things that make your brain go "oooo", I wouldn't recommend you pick up The Messenger or its new FREE DLC Picnic Panic, here is a trailer for you to ignore:

Just finished Devil May Cry, and well, it is surely a game. Hopefully they get things worked out in the next games, but it was all worth it for this moment:

Time for my fourth Super Mario Maker 2 level, and I'm doing a SMB3 theme this time. This is my shortest level for sure, but that's the limitation of using an auto scroller, as you can't have a lot going on if you want to change up how the scrolling works. It's my third most difficult level I have made I would say, so it sits in the middle for my skillset: LC4-J2H-9LF

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