@FarFromSubtle the writing in Sea of Stars will probably be good, it's the same people as The Messenger, which I have wanted you to play for a while, because it's both hilarious and got a deeper story than you might think at first, and the music and gameplay is top tier to boot.

Had a queer board game night at Buens Bogcafe with my date and her girlfriends! We played Ricochet Robots, Project L, Boss Monsters

I kissed a girl! And more too hihi. Also new glasses!

Finally got around to starting up Borderlands 3. Yup it's a Borderlands alright. The story and characters are not as interesting or funny as 2, but it got some chuckles every once in a while, gameplay is still fun, maybe even better than 2? Feels more fluid than I remember 2 being

My third CKI meeting is over and it went well! It was about my physical health mostly, got my blood pressure tested, my weight and any pre-existing conditions, allergies etc. and they told me that by the end of September, I should be starting HRT!

On my way home from my first pride event, was thinking about going to the after party but kinda drained tbh, but had a good time! I didn't talk with many people, anxiety is still getting the best of me, but next time! youtu.be/CNfFVVGfAuw

I am so glad I got into MtG, because I now own the best card, frogalooo!

Anyone heard about this game? It's a Battle Royale but with like melee and magic and stuff and it's pretty cool! I somehow managed to win my very first time haha youtube.com/watch?v=G0TD-VRBzd

I have been on my first date and it went soooooo well! We walked around town, went to the pier to chat a bit, ate some hotdogs, went shopping, I got this cute octopus, and may accidentally have trespassed? Oops. Finished off with going to a board game cafe, and tought her how to play Magic the Gathering, she won once and I won once hehe. She was so effectionate, we held hands and cuddled, like not sure how it could have gone any better, but this is my first date ever so ahhhhh. I'm so happy!!!

I got an actual real life date with a real life human! Can you believe it? I can't, never thought it would happen, my anxiety and social awkwardness made it hard for so long, but we have video chatted too yesterday and she is amazing! Gosh, I'm so excited!

@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow
would you ever go back to Fall Guys now that it's free to play? It just got new levels too and have had like 15 new levels since you played last!

Using this box to store my Magic the Gathering cards. Had to get creative to fit it all, the ones stranding up mane it so they dont slide all over the place, since they are organized into color. The cards in the middle are my two decks I have made so far. Gonna get a better way to store them but this works for now.

Okay, here's my first ever Magic deck, seems like it isn't standard legal, but whatever this is just casual anyway tappedout.net/mtg-decks/landfa

I tried American and Asian snacks I never tried before :O youtu.be/5ZiPLcJwAT8

My mom and I potted some plants (excuse my plant noobage) for me to take home, it was fun :D :underheart:

omg omg omg, I got my new birth certificate in the mail today, my legal name is now Abigail ahhhhhhhh!

Wooooooah, I 100%'ed Demon Turf, 35 hours, that's a lot of game! If you're looking for a 3D platformer with tons to do, give this one a go. I would say, maybe skip the camera quest though, while you need to to get the bonus content for 100%, it is the least fun part, because it takes a while to get it all, maybe look it up if you reaaaaally want to get that bonus content, but yeah worth playing, I think A Hat in Time has more a bit more charm to it overall, but this is pretty close.

I wonder what Fraser is spending his time on alone, hope he isn't too lonely with just Lisa there

Tried make-up with my new contact lenses, and I dunno, I like my glasses look more, maybe I am just used to it though, we will see I suppose

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