Only just discovered her this year, but Elise Trouw is fantastic and her new song is quite good, even as not the biggest alt-pop fan:

So YouTube Rewind 2019 just came out, and it's a mixed bag. Good things: Honesty about failure of 2018 Rewind, as well as inclusion of non-brand friendly channels and videos, such as H3H3, pewdiepie, and controversies like the James Charles thing, including more varied creators in general. Bad things: It's lazy and oddly safe, considering it's just statistics, as much as I disliked the previous year's Rewind, it was still fun to watch due to the amount of creators in it.

Also just finished watching Fraser play it, didn't know he finished it. I kind of hope he plays it again with a less...homicidal character. Seems unlikely, he didn't seem interested enough, which is sad, he said he isn't into long hauls anymore as well, so doing a full playthrough is unlikely now, but I hope he gives it another shot, I think it would be worth it since he did laugh at the jokes at times, and that was not even the best stuff.

Just beat The Outer Worlds, meaning main quest, got 5 side quests or so left and maybe more stuff I have yet to discover, but regardless my opinion if the game is that I love it. It may not be perfect, the main story is kind of short and uneventful to be fair, but everything else I pretty much loved.

Happy 25th birthday Playstation. You will probably always be favorite consoles, while it has to be mostly due to what I grew up on, they rarely seem to let me down and keep improving without reinventing the wheel either. Many of my most cherish memories comes from you, so here's to another 25 years of great games!

What great timing for me to return to course making in Super Mario Maker 2! I just finished another level, as the news of a new update with new stuff is coming. Check out my new level, it's about jumping on spiny shells and falling donut blocks: 5WK-SR2-NVG

Not to mention Nioh, Darksiders 3, Arkham Knight and Outlast 2.

I just realized that PS+ is a lot more reasonable of a price than I thought it was. Turns out that for 12 months, it's about $66, though I found a deal for $55 online, which is about $5,60 a month, where I had thought it was at least double that price. Makes the change to the PS4 only free games not as bad, and recently they have had good games too, Borderlands, Last of Us, and Titanfall 2 is coming up.

I haven't made a Super Mario Maker 2 course in a while, but just finished one, I actually started making it a while ago, but only finished it now, so most of the second part of the level is made 3-4 months after: CX4-QHJ-3LF

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle I have been playing Wandersong on my channel recently, and it's a great time, it got Earthbound and Undertale feels to it, the humor and characters are all charming and funny, and the gameplay has rhythm game, platforming and Zelda vibes to it, would be awesome to see it played on the show, it's even 50% off on the Switch right now.

I know it's a hot button issue that animations and such are lackluster, but I found them serviceable. The music was some of the best I have heard in a while, and I'm gonna check out the entire soundtrack at some point, which is rare for a Pokémon game for me. I thought I may have been burned out a bit after powering through Let's Go just before starting this game, but I could barely put it down at times, and I played pretty slowly too, around 48 hours, I tend to be slow at Pokémon games.

The story was...there, but I wasn't expecting much, some fun characters at times, but it's basic. I wish that they didn't have to cut Pokémon, but it's not something that mattered to me, as I always use new Pokémon each time, and I can play the game 5 more times with other new teams, already have plenty of Pokémon I wish I had gotten to use. The game looks good, but some things are lacking for sure, I never minded it much.

Just beat Pokémon Sword, and it's definitely the most enjoyable Pokémon game I have played in a long time. This is gonna be a long post, but no spoilers. I kind of stopped playing for a while after Black/White, only started playing around Sun/Moon was announced, and while I enjoyed X/Y, ORAS and Sun/Moon, I can't say why I liked Sword so much better, perhaps it's because it's the first time where I actually had no idea what Pokémon were in the game, so I was constantly meeting new Pokémon.

As much as I love The Outer Worlds, I do miss the radio from Fallout and all the old songs, like I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire, which I was just reminded of by the new Watchmen episode, such a good song.

Ah hell yeah, Magic for Humans season 2 is coming Dec. 4th, that show was so much fun, I wanted more after it was finished, go watch it if you haven't already.

I forgot about Yakuza and Judgment, but I am not sure I will ever get into these games, so many of them at this point.

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Can someone make a gif of Fraser waggling his finger at 2:26:20 in the Luigi's Mansion stream here:

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