So this is what Thunder Humor has been doing all this time, they done made a game and such! I saw this when they posted the soundtrack on their YouTube, I wonder if Fraser and Becky would be interested, it does seem like it could be something they would enjoy:

Well shit, I just beat Dark Souls. It kind of came out of nowhere, the final boss is piss easy in comparison to the previous few I had to fight, I thought there may be a second form or a secret hidden boss, but no, not that I can tell, that just seems weird.

Disney+ just added Star here, meaning a lot more shows and movies, and some unexpected content to boot, for instance American Dad, Die Hard and Borat. Not something I would have seen coming on Disney+

Daft Punk splitting is pretty crazy, but makes sense why they been so inactive.

In my journey to watch all the Disney movies I can, I just finished Oliver and Company, the last movie before the Disney Renaissance, aka when The Little Mermaid came out, and all these movies have been pretty enjoyable. I had seen a few of them, some only a few times, others a bit more like Lady and the Tramp. It will be interesting to see if future movies will be as good as I remember them or not, some I already watched for APTs, so I know Aladdin and The Lion King are still quite good.

Oh check it, the creator of Wandersong got a new game, and I saw that the person who did music for Celeste is involved, and the game looks fresh to boot!

Blasphemous is getting another free update, and it got a Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night crossover, so that's fun!

Kind of strange they are doing PC before Switch. Feels like a much better choice but what do I know.

I started two JRPGs of very different nature, Dark Souls and Dragon Quest XI. Maybe I have made some poor choices, but I guess here we gooooo?

Just watched Snowpiercer, don't know what I expected, but this movie is way crazier than I would have seen coming. Kind of interested in the TV show now.

Been playing The Medium, so far I'm liking it, while it kind of isn't super gameplay focused, and what little there is isn't anything new, basic puzzle solving and some stealth, the dual reality gimmick isn't used much yet, but is kind of neat, it does have interesting atmosphere and I am feeling on edge, and the story seems like it could be interesting. It's also quite pretty, even though my PC can't handle it at the highest quality without framerate issues.

Agree with this dude about hype culture, I want to still get excited for things, but when does it go too far?

In some good local news, COVID numbers are getting low again here in Denmark, around 500 which is much better than the 2000+ we were seeing in December, haven't been this low since like October, so would hope the numbers keep decreasing, as vaccinations start up as well, hopefully it will become available to more people, probably limited to big cities for now, don't know much about that.

I just watched this video, and what struck me most is how I perceived J.K. when her transphobic "sex is real" tweet came out, I felt confused, as the comment doesn't seem to be against trans people, as she comments that she believes trans people can "call yourself whatever you like", but after watching this video, it makes more sense to me now why those comments, and others, are transphobic. It's a long video, but the way bigotry works is making more sense to me now

I beat Yoshi's Crafted World. After Yoshi's New Island, this is like a breath of fresh air, it's a good time, easy if avoid 100% but still fun, and the bosses are some of the best in a Mario game or adjacent I have played in a long time, creative and fun.

Been playing Ikenfell, don't want to spoil anything but I always like the head scratch animation Maritte does from time to time, it's cute, they didn't need to do that but you don't see that in pixelated games like this.

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