I hope you are all doing well. I am trying to, but it's hard sometimes, I wish it was easier, but I feel so lost sometimes, I know life is tough, and that in many ways I have no right to complain, my mental health isn't something I want to burden people with, but I also have tried so many other things, and it may take a while for those to help, but I know you all will be here.

Just watched Chicago, that was a lot of fun! I had no idea that it was a comedy and that was the plot, but it was very entertaining for sure

"We will continue to be here for you all the time. We don't grind out shows. We try to be here when we're happy to be here...and we'll keep on being here." - Fraser Agar 2021

Warms my heart, this is the mentality I wish streamers and content creators in general had, instead of the burnout that is seen again and again. I have fear that the show would eventually be too much for them, with how demanding it is to draw in the viewership in comparison to years ago, so I'm glad VGA still exists.

Out walking while visiting my mom, so I don't know where I was going, but it was a nice walk still.

I took 200.000 steps last month, probably more since I only put this app on for daily walks, not for other times, so combine that with my home exercises I do every day and I am now 75.9kg

6 months ago I came out to you all here, you were the first community I felt thought of when I was still afraid of what people would think and you were all accepting of me. So thank you all, my life was shaped in so many ways by this community.

Hair cut time! Got a shorter cut and we decided to wait with actual bangs for now, though I feel like what I am working with now is still too much forehead for me, but the length is definitely cute I think, also the back looks pretty nice. She also gave me some tips on using hair product, and also I gotta get a hair dryer too, which I was already thinking of doing since it takes a bit to dry. I may just need to get used to it, but feels like a 6/10 right now, but I am also my own worst critic.

Been in an emotional place lately, this game was one I knew nothing about, yet it resonated with me a lot, then I saw this, almost felt like it was not just a coincidence

Keep thinking about Deltarune Chapter 2. It's super good, it's like this treat you get every few years, almost regret finishing it already

Shorter walk today, but could make it a daily thing. Also found these white pants while going back home, cause I realized I had no white pants

I went on a walk, forgot if I posted here, but had one a week ago or so I took a walk, I never do that, and decided to again today, and this time I got a step counter too

Weight loss related I don't own a weight so I can't weigh myself, but I'm at my dad's place for a birthday party and they own one, and I am now around 78-79 kg, which is more than I thought, I was over 100kg last time I checked, that was June 16 or so, as I visited my mom then, so hey that's nice.

I started up Deltarune Chapter 2 today, and so far I'm liking it, no spoilers, but when you enter the next world so to speak, that character you meet there, I think I am going to like them a lot...also it was weird, I apparently entered my deadname before back when I originally played it on Switch, and it felt awkward to see that now, wish I could change it to Abbie instead, but ah well, not the game's fault I came out post playing Chapter 1 though it actually using the name for the town was oof

Kirby as a 3D platformer? I was hoping this would happen one day, gonna be interesting how this will play out but the trailer is giving me hope cause it looks solid.

I finally got it, I got the Infallible trophy in Fall Guys! While it was way easier to get because of the new Squad Celebration show having fewer rounds, you still have to beat 5 shows in a row without failing once, so that's easier said than done.

I was just at my grandma's place for dinner and she gave me this jacket and I feel super heckin' cute right now!

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