I just finished Yoshi's New Island after playing it on and off for god knows how long. Every time I went back to it, it just made me sad. It has anti fun and anti soul, and the more I try to get enjoyment out of it, it sucks it dry. I only beat it because I loved the original game and called it my favorite game until only recently, so to see this game give me hope so many times but then do nothing of value, it makes me so sad. I hear that the Wii U one is pretty good, so maybe I will try it next

The next DS game I have had for years but didn't get around to is The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, which is one of the Zeldas I never even saw a Lets Play for, so I have no idea what to expect here.

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@Zaziuma Have you played Phantom Hourglass? Both games are pretty similar. Most people seem to prefer Hourglass but I like them both equally. They are a bit simplified compared to a regular Zelda game but the touch controls are well implemented and they use the DS hardware in some interesting ways.

What I especially like about Spirit Tracks is that Zelda takes an active part in the story and accompanies Link for the entire game.

@countzero I have, in fact it was the only Zelda game I owned for a long time, not my first Zelda, played a Gameboy one, but yeah, I played that one a lot

@Zaziuma Spirit Tracks has a train driving on fixed tracks with intersections where you can decide if you want to go left or right instead of the boat and drawing a path on the map. Otherwise the structure is basically the same. You go to a central dungeon, unlock a new part of the map, visit different "islands" (train stations) to find a new dungeon and when you beat it you get a new item and can progress further in the main dungeon.

@countzero I didn't ask, so please stop before you end up spoiling something for me okay.

@Zaziuma Sorry, that wasn't my intention. Basically if you liked Phantom Hourglass you'll probably like Spirit Tracks. Let's leave it at that 😅​

@countzero yeah I get you, just stopping before getting carried away, since I want ro figure things out on my own

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