I just finished What Remains of Edith Finch, and I finally understand why people have talked about this game so much, it does unexpexted things. I knew maybe two things that happened in the game, so everything else was a surprise, so all I can say is to play it, very short, but pacing is good and it keeps doing new things all the time, so even for a walking sim, it doesn't feel slow, and there are details everywhere so you always got something going on.

It's also sad, a very depressing game, yet somehow also feels alive, despite the theme, an odd feeling but makes it not feel like there is hope in there. It's interesting hmmm

@Zaziuma I love what remains of edith finch so much. I think it was my goty that year

@Zaziuma such an incredible game. Shows walking Sims can be done really well if told right and the story for this was amazing

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