I'm halfway through Crash 4. This may have been a mistake, because I just realized I have to do all the levels again for the inverted mode as well. At least the time trials are only for one version. I don't doubt I could do it, but man, it's gonna take a long time.

Been playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Xbox One, and I always found that Xbox One didn't really make games look super good, PS4 seemed better at that, but playing this game, it looks quite good, more so than I would have thought, not just that, but the general art direction in this game is pretty great, kind of has some frame-rate issues though. This is on base systems I am talking about btw, I am sure they could look better of course.


Wtf is wish trying to sell to me? NSFW

I have not had easy access to Star Wars, but now with Disney+ available here, I am watching the APTs. Only my second time ever watching them.

Also while Googling for an image, I found this, and now I will have nightmares tonight, so that's cool

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In The Iron Giant APT, Fraser made a comment about a comment about Hogarth's mom being the hottest mom in animation or something like that. I can't say I thought much about that before, but just watched the latest episode of the Pokemon anime, and Ash's mom appears in it, and you know, she is pretty cute, I find the whole thing a little weird, to be honest, but if I had to pick one, I guess her.

Been playing Far Cry: New Dawn, and sometimes I forget how pretty it can be, and how it looks like a landscape painting. The first picture is with the photo tools, the second is without.

We got a PS5 game box. I don't know, something feels wrong about this, the white doesn't match well with the blue.

Randomly wanted to check my PS2 collection, and it's such a weird-ass collection. Missing some games though, know I owned some of the Ratchet and Clank games.

Beat RE4 today, my first Resident Evil experience. Oddly enjoyable, even if the gameplay is wonky and writing is B-Movie tier, but it had fun and was creative with its levels and world. Reason for 99 hours is that in Xbox One it counts time even when console is off.


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