@grable I know this isn't the newest trailer in the world, but I don't remember if they ever saw a trailer for this game, and I think they would enjoy it, so add it to the S&T if you wanna youtube.com/watch?v=bsiIKJltaj

@blahmoomoo yeah I saw that so I know, makes me wonder if it will be fun or just depressing

I keep hearing about this game Omori, supposedly Undertale-esque, anyone played it, is it worth checking out?

@Greggosaur well it's not like you lose your Turboship, Fraser has always made it clear that it's for life. If anything I am less Turbo than you because I have only ever paid once.

Can the pandemic just end? I am so tired of this thing by now, I thought that hey, staying inside and playing video games sounds like heaven for an introverted antisocial person like me, but even I can admit that it's getting tiresome.

So this is what Thunder Humor has been doing all this time, they done made a game and such! I saw this when they posted the soundtrack on their YouTube, I wonder if Fraser and Becky would be interested, it does seem like it could be something they would enjoy: store.steampowered.com/app/130

Well shit, I just beat Dark Souls. It kind of came out of nowhere, the final boss is piss easy in comparison to the previous few I had to fight, I thought there may be a second form or a secret hidden boss, but no, not that I can tell, that just seems weird.

Disney+ just added Star here, meaning a lot more shows and movies, and some unexpected content to boot, for instance American Dad, Die Hard and Borat. Not something I would have seen coming on Disney+

Daft Punk splitting is pretty crazy, but makes sense why they been so inactive.

In my journey to watch all the Disney movies I can, I just finished Oliver and Company, the last movie before the Disney Renaissance, aka when The Little Mermaid came out, and all these movies have been pretty enjoyable. I had seen a few of them, some only a few times, others a bit more like Lady and the Tramp. It will be interesting to see if future movies will be as good as I remember them or not, some I already watched for APTs, so I know Aladdin and The Lion King are still quite good.

Oh check it, the creator of Wandersong got a new game, and I saw that the person who did music for Celeste is involved, and the game looks fresh to boot! youtu.be/uJmNCphD_aU

Blasphemous is getting another free update, and it got a Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night crossover, so that's fun! youtube.com/watch?v=44CTAiZ_QF

Kind of strange they are doing PC before Switch. Feels like a much better choice but what do I know. twitter.com/EpicGames/status/1

I started two JRPGs of very different nature, Dark Souls and Dragon Quest XI. Maybe I have made some poor choices, but I guess here we gooooo?

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