Weird, Jacksfilms of all people made a Let's Play of Fuser, not who I would have expected to play that game, but hey, he's pretty popular, so maybe the promotion will make more people play it, so that's cool I guess. Sharing this cause Fuser seemed to strike a chord (no pun intended) with Fraser.

Oh my god it's happening! I have tried hard to avoid details on PS5, only know very little, should be fun! Still trying to catch one in the wild on my own.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of Undertale music in any form it may take shape, even ska

@AuthenticZac jeez, with how many crowns were chucked at you, you ought to have brain damage by now!

@Ethvau I almost gave up because it was too hard, then I didn't and loved it. Not for everyone, but a good game for sure.

@FistOfFiori I like it, subtle enough where fans will get it, but others will never know.

Watched The Clone Wars. Big yikes, hope the series is better.

It's also sad, a very depressing game, yet somehow also feels alive, despite the theme, an odd feeling but makes it not feel like there is hope in there. It's interesting hmmm

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I just finished What Remains of Edith Finch, and I finally understand why people have talked about this game so much, it does unexpexted things. I knew maybe two things that happened in the game, so everything else was a surprise, so all I can say is to play it, very short, but pacing is good and it keeps doing new things all the time, so even for a walking sim, it doesn't feel slow, and there are details everywhere so you always got something going on.

Watched the Gremlins APT, and Gizmo is basically Baby Yoda before Baby Yoda, I love him!

In case you didn't know, you don't need the console to claim your PS+ games, so if you don't plan to get a PS5 or can't yet, you can still pick up Bugsnax right now.

@Ethvau they are not even that bad though. At launch yes, but it's barely noticable compared to other games.

@MrBlow I wish it was easier to buy one. I just hate money and need it gone!

Oh man, I just finished the last of The Simpsons APTs, at least season 2 still had a lot of good episodes, but man, missing so many great ones in there.

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