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It's over, the long wait is over. You crazy bastards you went and did it! Mass Effect trilogy confirmed! Oh and something else also happened just now, probably important too, I dunno.

Just finished Carto, it's a cute little game, but maaaaaan, it makes my head hurt at times, these puzzles got a little bit silly by the end, I don't know if it's just me, but I had to look things up eventually, otherwise my brain would explode

So hey, Madeline from Celeste, has been confirmed to be transgender, something that was hinted at and speculated by fans for a while, even more after the DLC came out, also the creator (Maddy Thorson) has come out as trans as well. Reading the blog post, it is interesting that during development, they were not aware of her identity, and didn't write her as such, and that only later did they know that she was definitely trans.

In case you need a good game for (insert reason here), Celeste is on Xbox Game Pass on console and PC.

Yup that's right, Hollow Knight is on PS+ right now, so you betcha I'm playing it again for the third time, Switch, PC now PS4, playing it on the big screen does add to it, trying to go as fast as possible, got the dash already.

Well America, it's time to America, so you better America, you hear me?!

Finished the Rouge One APT and with that all the Star Wars they have watched so far. Good stuff, mostly, while I hated having to watch the prequels a second time, was fun to see them crap all over them. I wonder if they would ever do the new trilogy, it's a real mixed bag.

I need a new video game to play, and my mind is hovering around these choices, but I kind of don't feel like any of them for some reason: Day of the Tentacle, What Remains of Edith Finch, Shenmue 3, The Bridge, Ikenfell.

Isn't Fraser a fan of Wes Anderson? Think he would appreciate this:

Look at at all this good stuff coming, we got Celeste we got Knights and Bikes, that Carto game is interesting looking.

@MrBlow yes, and it's because Fraser deleted it all due to some Twitch fuckery. Go to his twitter for more info

I finished up The Mandalorian, they decided to make them weekly, even though all were out. It was...fine. I thought it felt a lot like they didn't have a whole season, it was kind of all over the place.

Finished Resident Evil 7 today. Mixed feelings on it, I like some of it, but other parts feel disjointed and rushed somehow, but when it works it really works, got some good spooks out of me. Having only played RE4 this is quite a change in tone, it is not goofy, except a few times, but not in the same way at all. Which RE game is the next to cross off the list? I own the remake of 1 on PS4 since it was on PS+ a while back so maybe that one.

@countzero yeah I get you, just stopping before getting carried away, since I want ro figure things out on my own

@countzero I didn't ask, so please stop before you end up spoiling something for me okay.

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