@TheMid90s @LimeGreenTeknii speaking generally about the community normally i would agree with you, but there are members of this community that have gone out of their way to get people banned or make new comers feel unwelcome, and when i see those people in chat i get incredibly anxious and uncomfortable. there are times when my anxiety gets so bad i can't even watch the show, it's far from a safe space for me

@ZombieUnicorn @TheMid90s @LimeGreenTeknii That sounds pretty damn serious - have you talked to a mod or someone about it? It really sounds like something that needs action. I'm sorry you've been made to feel that way, that's horrible.

@Llama @ZombieUnicorn @TheMid90s @LimeGreenTeknii Indeed as Llama has said, you could talk to the mods if you feel like you can (and of course if you feel it would help) it's a shitty thing if someone is made to feel that way.

@FistOfFiori @Llama @TheMid90s @LimeGreenTeknii I've spoken to a mod before but unfortunately it's my word against theirs, so there's not much the mods can do, so i just stay away from those people, which includes avoiding the live chats sometimes :(

@ZombieUnicorn @FistOfFiori @TheMid90s @LimeGreenTeknii That's rough, I'm sorry. I'm not sure what else to suggest but to say that I hope it doesn't drive you away from the community entirely! It's such a nice group of people overall.


@Llama @FistOfFiori @TheMid90s i still watch the show when i can, and thankfully I've made a wonderful group of friend through the turbos including @LimeGreenTeknii @RedFoxCorky @MrMarc amongst many others

@ZombieUnicorn @Llama @FistOfFiori @TheMid90s @LimeGreenTeknii @RedFoxCorky @MrMarc Honestly after reading all if ur comments ; I'm still pretty new around here , no I dont know everything and everyone . I do sincerely apologize that u feel that way. Stuff like that happens to me a lot in real life . Sometimes its hard to deal with it but I get through it. When I first thought about being a TURBO I thought of this perfect community. Perhaps everything isn't perfect. People are gonna be people .

@ZombieUnicorn @Llama @FistOfFiori @TheMid90s @LimeGreenTeknii @RedFoxCorky @MrMarc I highly respect the way u feel . I'm still grateful to be here and I love all of ya . No I haven't gotten to know anyone personally, I'd love to , love to hear ur stories . I do find it to be absolutely horrible if people do truly go out 9f there way to rid someone without a proper explanation to that specific person. I do so hope u come back and join again . Plz be well and safe .

Also, I apologize that I'm pinning ur name first @ZombieUnicorn , meant to say it towards our friend @LimeGreenTeknii Haha. Hope ur doing well tho Zombie and the rest of u TURBOS !

@zXAngryWaffleXz @LimeGreenTeknii I appreciate your kind words :underheart:​ and like i said before I have met some wonderful people thanks to the turbo club

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