Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah new Half Life game!? Not HL3 but I'm still super down.

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle I don't know if you're in the market for new games, but Piku Niku is half-off and it was on your "to-play" list nintendo.com/games/detail/piku

People who CLAIM to love Halloween but then say they hate candy corn need to be voted out of office. It’s just how it has to be

Well I wanted to buy Overwatch... hopefully Blizzard does some kind of meaningful reaction to

If Onlive-style game streaming is the future of consoles I guess that’ll just give me more reasons to get to the ever growing backlog. A lot of SNES, Gameboy, PS2 and PS1 games I never got around to. And I ain’t streaming shit

I love the banner saga but the switch version is buggy as hell :(

excited for the what we do in the shadows / rocky horror combo. classics!

usesthis.com is one of *the* most addicting websites. if any developers (or editors, or game devs, etc.) are reading this, go check it out!

Games that you were super excited for but then ultimately let you down? For me, Owlboy. *Love* the art, *love* the music, the gameplay though just doesn't match up :/

Dota is awesome. Just finished the international and it gives you such an itch to playyyyy

For all the turbos who don't understand Fahrenheit v Celsius (v Kelvin)

*would* become fat again. sometimes your brain just leaves out full words.

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just went to my first weinershnitzel. had a chili cheese fry burrito and a beer! 10/10 become fat again

Buying either Hollow Knight or Darkest Dungeon. My heart says Dungeon but, but my brain says HK!

anyone played No Man's Sky lately? ive heard there's been a ton of updates since it came out

Here have something mildly interesting on this beautiful Friday. Apparently if you click the Mastodon logo below your Toot textbox, it changes!

On one hand, it’s a thousand percent more efficient to have a Kindle, especially if you’re moving a lot. It’s lightweight, has features, and it’s easier to buy books. But my heart... it wants the paper. Life is hard you guys.

To get Mario Maker, or to not get Mario Maker. That is the question.

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