Happy New Year @MissBlow and @FarFromSubtle !

We still have a few hours to go but then 2020 will finally be over πŸΎβ€‹

I have finally finished Lone Echo. What a great game! Still the best VR experience that I have played. Hoping that part 2 will come out soon, but it looks like it will be pushed to 2021.

Its too bad that will forever be an Oculus exclusive now that Ready at Dawn was bought by Facebook.

I haven't seen the new Borat,yet but the soundtrack is incredible. And I learned of a new genre of music (Balkan Brass).


I just got Disney+ because it was free for three months.First impressions:

"The World according to Jeff Goldblum" is hilarious.

The app sucks on a FireTV Stick. I watched two episodes plus Wall-E and the stream stopped at least five times because of "slow internet speed". But according to my router it only uses 10 Mbits (of the available 35) and I almost never have issues with YouTube or Netflix. The app also was slow and foze or crashed several times.

Next will be Mandalorian APT probably.

PSA for Turbos in Europe: Daylight Saving Time ends tonight and because Japan does not have DST tomorrow's APT will start at 4 AM instead of the usual 5 AM.

Best thing I heard this week:

Apparently they didn't rehearse it, just saw him standing at the edge of the stage (he had played on the same stage earlier) and asked him to join in. πŸ˜β€‹

Nintendo just announced a Treehouse event for tomorrow (Paper Mario Gameplay and reveal of a new game from WayForward)
Devolver on Saturday
Ubisoft on Sunday

Almost feels like a proper E3 πŸ˜β€‹

Desperados III just released! If you like realtime tactics games you have to play it. There is also a demo available on GOG and Steam.

I watched the PS5 thing even though I have never owned a Playstation and don't plan on buying the new one. So I'm happy that not all games they showed will be Playstation exclusives. I already new Oddworld: Soulstorm would be multi platform but I just found out that "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" (the one with the little black Ghibli looking creatures) will come to PC as well!

So, we all know that Fraser, Becky & Co. did Let's Plays and reaction videos before it became mainstream, put more effort into their set up than a lot of more successful streamers but only reach a relatively modest audience.

Do you know more examples like this? Mine is Ami Yamato, who was pretty much the first vtuber when she started vloging in 2011 and has only about 150.000 subscribers on YouTube.


Currently watching the Mario Bros.3 stream and Fraser talking about speed running reminded me of this video about Breath of the Wild speed runs:


After watching it I was thinking "This was fun but a bit over the top". Then I watched an actual speed run and it was almost exactly the same πŸ˜‚β€‹

There is a demo for Desperados III on GOG if anyone wants to try it out. The full game comes out on the 16th.

Mark Hamill taking about how he had to keep the big twist a secret for 1,5 years is the best thing ever πŸ˜‚β€‹

Recreating a scene from "The Lighthouse" was pretty popular for some time when New Horizons came out. When he washed up right next to the lighthouse on my island I had to give it a shot.πŸ˜β€‹

The balloon in the background is a nice touch I didn't even notice when I took the picture.

@FarFromSubtle I'm watching today's Show and Trailer right now. Is it actually 8 hours long!? That has to be the longest one so far.

The modern video distribution market is really weird sometimes. If I want to watch Detective Pikachu I can buy the Bluray for 11€ or buy it on a million different VoD platforms for 14€. Renting it is not an option anywhere (I had the same issue when I wanted to watch Venom a few months ago).

Luckily the old video rental website I used in the past is still around. They will send me the Bluray for a week for 2€ + 1.90€ postage (including return shipping) πŸ˜β€‹

He has been in that spot for the last 15 minutes. I think he's pooping in my flowerbeds.

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