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I don't get how turnips work in ACNH. It's the second week where I buy them for around 100 bells and then the price at Nook's Cranny is consistentky below that (today it is at 74) 😩

Is it just bad luck or am I doing something wrong?

Taking a walk in the middle of the woods and suddenly all the churches in the surrounding villages start ringing all their bells simultaneously.

Is this what Judgement Day sounds like 😅​

I watched the Rogue One APT yesterday. Seeing how excited Fraser was made the movie 100% better 😀​ (this was my second viewing, first was in theaters).

Watched it on a FireTV Stick and WTH Amazon!? It ran faster than the version Fraser and Becky were watching so it was constantly out of sync! I had that issue before when I was watching a movie on DVD because of PAL speed-up but this should not happen when the movie is in HD. Luckily I could download the APT and run it in VLC at 1.04x speed 🤦‍♂️​

Hi guys,
what is your favorite unconventional Christmas movie? Mine is Survive Style 5+. It doesn't look very Christmasy but it takes place during the holidays and the ending has a lot of Christmas spirit to it.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

And thank you @MissBlow and @FarFromSubtle for the lovely Christmas card😍

Has anyone here played Control? I just wondered why the "possessed" people in it speak German and apparently if you play the game in English but your Windows/Console is set to a different language they will always speak in that language to you!

That's pretty cool if that is intentional!

What is not so cool is that I have to use a program called CheatEngine to manipulate the game because the devs forgot to add a walk button when you play with mouse+keyboard 😂​

Just watched The Lighthouse and it was pretty much what I was expecting: An awesome mindfuck 😜

The CGI Lupin the Third movie looks so awesome, I hope it comes to the west soon!

Just read an article about pagers (because the last pager service in Japan is shutting down) and I found this pretty interesting:

Because pagers couldn't display Japanese characters, people used numerical codes to send messages.

999 = 3 x 9 = san(3) + kyû(9) = Thank you

Well, this is a thing that exist... 🤔​

With the popularity of KFC in Japan I'm surprised that it isn't available in Japanese.

For those playing Link's Awakening right now.:

Start a new game and enter "marin" or "zelda" as your name for a cool Easter egg. 🎶​

I usually prefer 2D animation but this 3D animated Lupin The Third movie looks awesome:

I love the live commentary on Geoff Keighley ​and Kojima from Eurogamer 😂

Every Nintendo Direct this year (that wasn't focused on only one game) ended with a Zelda reveal.
February Direct -> Link's Awakening
Nindie Showcase -> Cadence Of Hyrule
E3 Direct -> BotW sequel

I hope they continue this trend 😀​

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