Beast at Kings Island in Ohio has an interesting history that ties into Canada’s Wonderland. In the late 70s King’s Island was looking to have its next roller coaster built, and the original idea was to rebuild the shooting star coaster which was originally built at Ohio's Coney Island. But they decided to go with a coaster that used the park’s naturally hilly terrain to its advantage. That coaster became the Beast. The shooting star idea was built at Canada's Wonderland as the Minebuster.

@daixcraze I've been on that very coaster, but had no idea it was based off canada's wonderland. They do credit the shooting star at coney island, which somehow I haven't been to yet.
(Kings island is about half way between me and cinci)

@dissy Well Cincinnati’s Coney Island is a shell of its former self. I wouldn’t recommend going as a coaster fan, they have one coaster remaining according to RCDB. But the Beast is it’s own idea. The Shooting Star being rebuilt was just a concept they had planned on but decided on building the beast instead. They then used that concept at Canada’s Wonderland, not the other way around. Lol

@daixcraze Ahh my bad, musta read that wrong. Makes more sense now.

TBH I can't see myself at an amusement park these days.
But I made up for it in advance, the very first roller coaster I ever went on was the millennium force cedar point :P

@dissy Man I miss the cedar point skyline. Nothing but coasters lol. I can’t visit my Midwest coasters since I live in Vegas. Not to say the West has terrible coasters, but I think the Midwest has it beat. Lol

@daixcraze Here ya go, a skyline picture I took from the Sandusky Bay.
and another that evening just off the end of the island :D

@daixcraze Even have a few from the ferry we took to kelleys island with an awesome view of the Mean Streak, which sadly they closed down a couple years back.

@dissy Awesome pics, but at least they replaced it with an amazing coaster.

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