The other day for fun I spec'ed out a Production Basics desk just for fun.

Got the quote back, which isn't so fun. $1560 worth of not fun :{

Wonder if I can just duct tape a plank of wood to the wall...

It's that time of year, for the spooky !
Jingly eyeballs, a catnip ghost that looks like bunnycat, a stuffed mummy in a stuffed coffin, and a dangley springy set of bats on a string.
Along with some turk-o-treat turkey bites πŸ™€β€‹

That feeling when you find/fix a long outstanding bug in your code, that turns out you caused in the first place years ago...

It's like lifting an empty suitcase that you thought was heavy and full. Awesome for just a split second until you realize your a doof

"Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editions"

Download proceeding. Anxiety and impatience rising. Sleep schedule crying.

(Still figuring out proper toot etiquette 'as we go', but the post I just boosted seems very relevant to our community)

This brings the Archives collection up to almost 7000 games, mostly from the 70s to mid 80s, many being abandonware by todays standards.

The whole collection is playable right in a web browser.

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That feeling when you know you have a bag with hundreds of motherboard standoff thingies... somewhere, but just can't find them.
Questioning your own memory, nay, sanity.
Unable to come to terms with the fact they will never be seen again, yet not wanting to purchase more on principle, because I have hundreds already! and will just lose the new ones too.
Ending with questioning all life choices that have lead to the point a small 10 gram piece of brass can cause such an existential crisis


ahem sorry, just had to get that out of the way. carry on

I took tomorrow off for a mental heath day slash avoiding co-worker bloodshed day.

Ever have one of those life moments where someone makes such a monumentally stupid request, who is in a position that can't possibly be unaware of it, that not only can you not formulate a response - but your brain breaks so badly you can't even rant about it?

Having one of those days.

"sanity.exe has stopped responding - end now?"

"Actually, I don't have bones. I'm supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders"

Just wanted to say that I hope all our friends in the south eastern states of the US are staying safe from the storms and no one is hurt.
And of course the speedy return of electricity and internet access!

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oh amazon, you sweet innocent and oblivious thing you...

But to be fair, I did use the search term "silly mouth face mask"

It's 10 PM, Do you know where your potatoes are?


Happy days! I just resurrected some LED panels from the grave using a toaster oven :D
First time ever trying that way, wasn't expecting success.

and all because I didn't want to wait through the long weekend to book 'personal time' on the ursa oven at work :P

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