Been hunting down a hardware bug.
"This will only take 10 mins or so" ...that was 3 hours ago

Why you do this to me clock. what did I ever do to you

Hmm, is Toad a he or her? Not that it matters, I just realized I assumed that prefix for no particular reason and hit send before even thinking about it

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed Google excludes more and more key-words being searched on?
It's like they are on a quest to only give the most unrelated results possible.

I just had 3 out of 5 words show as "missing" on the whole first page :/

On a completely non-traditional note, this toot right here is my 1000'th toot! Hurrah!

*Microwaves the traditional thanksgiving take out chinese food leftovers*

Having the same meal two days in a row makes it a tradition, right?

I can't word my praise any better. Simply amazing!

xCloud today went from 4 to over 50 games.
They also announced it will work on PC as well as Android at launch

Well this sucks, the google API won't allow a youtube text search anymore without telling it which one video to search

If I knew that I wouldn't have to search it!

After driving to work, the little rubber spikey things on my tires are still perfectly entombed in ice :blob_cat:

Hmm, speaking of, I haven't seen a peep from @MrBlow ever since I posted that butter cheese and butter mayo on whole wheat butter sandwich.

I fear it caused more than the intended number of consecutive heart attacks πŸ˜Ÿβ€‹

My initial thoughts on xCloud game streaming are unexpectedly good.

For a 2220x1080 stream, it uses about 1mbit/sec and with an avg latency of 13ms.

Input delay was barely noticeable, and actually felt no different than all other bluetooth controllers I've ever used.

Won my first match of Killer instinct without any issue with combos.

Sea of thieves first person camera controls were responsive even when I was trying to trip it up.

Woo, just got the email, accepted as a project xCloud beta tester :D

Combined with a Razer Junclecat controller, it will be one step closer to xbox games on a nintendo switch sized form factor

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