PSA, never put off your cable management to another day :P

Clips should so be a thing here

From the March 2019 Show & Trailer / Nintendo direct:
"I jump ... a lot"


Hello doctor Falcon, wouldn't you rather a nice game of chess?

@nulani re css
if you change the link tag to load the css such as:
then you can increment the number and it only needs holding shift and clicking refresh/reload

I think I found a good use for the random-box-vacuum-tubes. Just need to make a few more "hats" :D

I wonder if it counts as "video game", since the large ones really are cathode ray tubes

Any gaming mouse recommendations?

My Corsair vengeance m95 from 2013 needs replacing.
Past hearts have been the MS sidewinder, and coolmaster sentinel advance 2.

What an interesting way for a mouse scroll wheel to fail.

I can scroll down, no problems.
But scrolling up, 1-2 clicks goes up, and the next 3-4 clicks up scroll down at superuberspeed.

I can get to the bottom of a page much faster scrolling up now, but can't get back to the top!

While out on an errand, I figured I'd stop by a hobby/craft store, maybe pick up some paints.

The first one just down the street, closed, and now a joann fabrics.
The next a bit up north, closed, and now a used clothing store.
Finally thought I'd stop by the table top gaming store, maybe they still have figurines and stuff.
Closed, it's now a bar.

I've been to all three of those places within the last year :/

On a side note, I confirmed the fabric store and bar don't sell paint :P

Making parts for your printer, with your printer.

Alternately: This thing can stream live to youtube? wtf would wanna watch that 🤨​

:D :D Fallout 4 waifu mod!

(real name on the nexus: AnimeRace Nanakochan)


Collector score: meh
Geek score: epic?

Alternate headline: "Hey, my eyes are up here"

To the turbo artists that work with paints, I have a really silly question:

Has anyone ever gone about taking a computer-style RGB value, and mixing a proper color in oil paint form?

I know RGB is additive, and this will need something subtraction like RYB or CMYK.
But every paint I've seen is either brand specific numbers, or using names I've never seen like 'cadmium red'.

Feel free to explain like you're talking to an idiot! I've never mixed paint before, and all my walls are egg white :P

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