My current worst thing of 2020:

I just learned that in 2019 Little Caesars pizza sold deep dish pizza wrapped in over 3 feet of bacon.

...and now they don't.

Has anyone else noticed the youtube web page side menu refuses to stay closed now?
Or is it just me they are trying to drive mad?

My christmas dinner plans were the taco bell drive through, but surprisingly they were closed today.

Good on taco bell for giving their staff two days off!

An odd moment for sure.
Looked at calendar on wall, got confused christmas was missing. It was still on october.


🎵​ Do you want to build a snooo maa, er, gloooobe 🎵​

Instead of messy glitter I opted for a led blinky thing with motion detection.

Been hunting down a hardware bug.
"This will only take 10 mins or so" ...that was 3 hours ago

Why you do this to me clock. what did I ever do to you

Hmm, is Toad a he or her? Not that it matters, I just realized I assumed that prefix for no particular reason and hit send before even thinking about it

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed Google excludes more and more key-words being searched on?
It's like they are on a quest to only give the most unrelated results possible.

I just had 3 out of 5 words show as "missing" on the whole first page :/

On a completely non-traditional note, this toot right here is my 1000'th toot! Hurrah!

*Microwaves the traditional thanksgiving take out chinese food leftovers*

Having the same meal two days in a row makes it a tradition, right?

I can't word my praise any better. Simply amazing!

xCloud today went from 4 to over 50 games.
They also announced it will work on PC as well as Android at launch

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