Does anyone have experience with "PNY" brand MicroSD cards?
Possibly for use in nintendo switch?

I've stuck with SanDisk for over 10 years from *many* bad experiences with other brands in the past.
But options are getting limited.

My switches 400gb card has under 20gb free, and not sure if a 512 upgrade is even worth it.
The sandisk 1tb card is stupid expensive and not available in the US still even so...
PHY seems to be half the price of sandisk

I ate her liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti *slurp*

aww, I seem to have run out of custom pattern slots :/

Plucky's life may have just been saved by technical limitations

oh no, oh wow, i just found the photo dog and this makes me so happy

So when do you get the recipe for an AE crafting terminal? :P

So how does the island visiting thing work? The dodo ticket works, but I never see friends islands visitable and can't seem to leave mine open to visitors either

I survived my first night in minecraft! ... wait


11:00pm - "Your house will be ready tomorrow"
oh, ok

12:25am - "Your house will be ready tomorrow"

Is the coordinated universal time standard a joke to you nintendo? :/

A brief tour of Desolate Island, and its desolate Mayor and his desolate home.
Firstly, we have closed our borders due to corvid 19.
But our off shore spam farm is still bringing in the internet bucks.
Our fish prison is well on its way to over crowding.
But at least the beach side tire fire is looks lovely this time of night.

Some free GoG games:

Plus it's their spring sale now too.
Just picked up the witcher 3, dragon age origins, and eschalon
all for 75-85% off

Shh, don't tell anyone, it's just a home build recreation :P

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Apparently that's been way easier to resolve than anticipated:

Called merchant's support and according to them this happens a lot with Switch games. A new copy is on its way already.

More here:

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A pretty cool interview by Computerphile of Masayuki Uemura, the engineer that designed the NES and Famicom
(~15 min)

*Slowly leans in close to the games ear and whispers*
I hate you...

So it's almost daylight saving time in the US. Stupid daylight saving time.

Don't for get to start taking your pulse ten seconds before the change, so you can truthfully claim a 54,000 beats per minute heart rate!

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