Oof, dat sad feeling when the pizza delivery person has been here so often, she commented on the new color the front door was painted (which was just a couple days ago)

Motor controller for 3d printer bed
+ computer controlled sewing machine
= computer aided embroidery!


New toy πŸ˜›β€‹ (top one)
This sexy beast adds 14tb storage, 1tb ram, and 140ghz of cpu cycles into the cluster, with enough room to double the latter two
(Just now notes the lack of a "giddy child" emote)

Youtube just sent my 3DS a message that it won't be able to watch videos after August.

In other news, holy crap, the 3DS could play youtube! Who'd of thought.

Life update - This was here, and now it is not.
mmm everything burns so nicely πŸ˜›β€‹

I've always wanted a burny laser >:D
Wonder what it would take to add 'pew pew' sound effects


and finally upgraded with extra clicky clicky!

Just in case you wanted to listen to these keys for an hour, because of course that exists:

(Greens are same as blue but slightly heavier, so used for spacebar/enter/shift)

This is possibly one of the most laziness enabling things I've ever made.
A 1" wifi oled screen to show the 3d printers status.
Just so I don't have to walk all the way to the room right next to me :P
(PS snap-fit for the win!)

What a strange day of weather. 103f/40c outside.

An AC RTU to a network closet died, and the switches are reporting 61c, well beyond the max 50c they can handle.

At the same time a server room is leaking condensation out all the ducts and light fixtures due to the huge temp difference inside/out.

Never thought I'd have to rack mount the umbrella... again :/

The best part, $32 in parts and $1.30 in filament.
Suck on that Stream Deck that costs $150!

Decided for no particular reason to make a mini macro-keypad out of some cherry mx red keys and a custom case. Shows as a usb keyboard, sends Function 13-20 to not conflict with my real keyboard.
Just need to make and print out some keycaps and a panel (the hard part!)

Low blood pressure is fun.

On an unrelated note, I can't wait for the day I can sit down with the google AI for tea and ask it what it thinks of me as a person.
I would be so sad without its approval.

Happy belated birthday @AnimatedPeanut !

and Happy birthday to @TheMid90s you precious statistical anomaly you ;}

I come bearing the gift of statistics! :D

I just ate a whole large pizza.
It is both excruciating and delicious.

Fuuuu Guess I don't have a desk chair anymore.

I saw a huge wolf spider crawl from around the back and down to the seat. I turn around for one second to grab mr smashy, and the spider is no where to be found.

The chair is out in the hallway now, and I don't know how to get it downstairs without touching it.

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